Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Partay~~~

Were you there too?

Singha Full Moon Party!!!!! I was there to see Sophia Lin, to be honest. No la I'm not lesbian...well, at least I don't know her enough to fall for her yet... O.O *Shhh!!!!!* Lol~

Well it was a new moon, but who cares!!!! I'm here to let my hair down!!!!

Okay not literally. >.<
NOT meant to be a joke. Just playing with irony. Eh what, why must "relax" be known as "let the hair down"? Bleah~

Okay getting cold...

Curious to know what it was like that night?

Damn! No hot bods in bikinis! No six packs! 

AND I  COULDN'T FIND UTT ANYWHERE LA!!!!! *sian half...*

 I was trying so hard to get a good picture of Sophia Lin, but attempts failed. *grumbles*

Managed to get a few good pictures of the dancers though.

Wooo~ I could never pull off such skin tight PVC-type short dresses. Because number 1, I don't have the front and back curves. T.T. Number 2 I don't have such nice legs. I can dance like that, but that's about it. Eh I really can! I used to be a dancer back in school for 10 years okay!

*makes mental note to go for dance classes again soon after I'm done with my travelogue*

This is no Sophia, but eye candy nevertheless.

 Credits to Mint for the good shot. Better shots than mine la. =)

I see no Sophia. I see no Utt. But apparently they were there.

 OMG! How could I have missed her???

And Utt?! I must've been blind that night.

Yes, like I mentioned, Mint went with me.

And guess who I met! THE CHIO TWIN SISTERS!!!!!!

Hayley ever so sweet, and Jayley ever so cute.

Identical, but so different. *reminded of Sweet Valley Twins* 

Hey I used to be a HUGE fan of the SV Twin series, and I had the whole SVT and SV High series okay. For the uninitiated, Sweet Valley was a series of books, much like Nancy Drew, or the Hardy Boys, except SV is more light hearted and girlish, like Gossip Girl but girlier. It's like reading a drama series. =)

And Mum brought her gang of friends along! 
Don't think my Mum is the go-work-then-go-home-do-housework-then-sleep that kinda woman okay. Well, she's not just that. She, more often than not, is more happening than this seemingly-more-socialite daughter of hers. The keyword is SEEMINGLY.

My mum and her gang, with Mint's mum on the far right. It's so cool when we hit the age when we can party with our parents. Weird at first, but once you start seeing each other as friends, it's really nice~

*whispers whispers*
While Lina just keeps smiling at the camera, expression unchanged. 这个叫专业。LOL!!!!!

The 2 of them were so cute that night. They kept saying that as long as they have a big face, they have to hide behind the other party so their face looked smaller.

Belinda: You go in front!
Mum:No I go to the back~~~
Belinda: No you go in front!!!! 

And they retreat further and further back into the seats...

Belinda: Yay I win!

Who says only 20-somethings get all the fun? ;)
I hope I have such a closed-knit group of girlfriends when I hit my 30s and beyond...

Now for the 20-somethings...

It's a good way to get everyone involved. =)

Never tried this beer before. First time at the party. Surprisingly easy to go down. I'm not a beer fan, but this one didn't have me struggling to try to swallow....mmm...

Get me another Singha!


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