Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011!!!

To honour the Best of the Blogosphere. 

It's like 金马奖,or 金曲奖。金部落各奖 sounds too song though...Lol~
*crickets chirp*
Anyways, I am back a day early from Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards as I bought a ticket to Lillian Too's 2012 Exravaganza (happening 18th December) sometime mid June and I really wanted to go for that. So, I'm here to give you first-hand updates on the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 happenings.

It was a long morning, and after sitting on a bus for about 5-6 hours (dunnno why or how come it took so long), we finally got to Putrajaya Marriott Hotel!!!!
 It was really very grand, but my camera can't do this place justice...
*wants a DSLR for Xmas....*

 The lobby area.

I was impressed with the room much~ Mainly because of its sheer size. I love big rooms~ And it is almost impossible to get a room that size in Singapore, unless you're super rich. I promise myself my bedroom is going to be huge, with a walk-in wardrobe. One day.

 View from my balcony. 

 We had 3 hours (less, actually) to prepare for the night ahead. And I'm glad I made the effort to dress up...

 They weren't joking when they said it was going to be a Black Tie event. 

A glimpse of some who were there that night...

 My lovely room mate, Alexa, founder of Arts and Fashion blog
Though I've only met her once before this trip in the Nuffnang office, we got along very well!
It was such a coincidence that we are both ex-SQ girls. ^.^

Get ready to scream:

CHEESIE!!!!!! OMG!!!!! 
If you don't know her, she's like Malaysia's Xiaxue! 
Her blog? -
She looked amazing that night!!!

 One more!!!! *scared next time no chance so must hog as best as I can without scaring her off*

Clara of Dblchin! She doesn't have dblchin la, Miss Dblchin is her pen name. Lol~ She looked really very very pretty at the awards! I liked what she did with her hair and makeup.
Well, yeah, she's a beauty blogger. ;) -

Babe, 我有没有跟你讲你越来越漂亮了?=D

 Peggy Heng. Queen of Controversies this year, and whom everyone says looks like me. (I agree the very first time I saw her. I was like, wtf this girl LOOKS LIKE ME!!!) 

We decided to take a picture to show the comparison. Not exactly alike here somehow. =)  

Though everyone has a certain impression of this girl (and they may be largely mistaken), I'd like to form my own - I don't really know her well enough to judge her (don't like playing the judging game either, it's too easy for people to play judge when you don't know something enough), but she comes across as very spontaneous, and fun. Take time to know someone more, and you will find something you like about that person. ;)

It's time to enter the ballroom...


I must say I was utterly impressed. Can fight with Star Awards!!!

Seated here.

 And the performance kicks off with these girls doing a sexy number.

 That's our host for the night!

Meet Sochii. 
Cosplayers may be familiar with her. She's one. She was seated beside me for the night, and when I came home and told my sis my sis was like "Orh I know who she is! I've heard of and seen her before!" Cool~ If I'm not wrong there was a Cosplay event also happening in KL at around the same time.

The food. Gosh, the food. It was served airline Business Class style. With the stewards (waiters) coming round to take your order of your choice of main course after having presented you with a menu card, then the dishes were served part by part, starter, breadroll (complete with bread basket!!!), entree, that order.

 The bread was....ooooooo~~~~ sedap~~~~~~
*too easy to please*

 My entree. When they served it (I ordered fish), the waiter came and asked me this question:
"Excuse me, you fish?"


No sir, do I look like one? Immediately the experience went from full marks to 70.

I reacted immediately with a "No I'm not a fish. But I yes, I ordered fish."

Dessert cheered me up after. Lol~

Table 35 group shot

 I'm feeling super guilty about this picture because in my haste to take a quick picture and fear of taking up the girls' time Qiu's head wasn't fully in the pic!!! ARGH stupid me!!!! Why didn't I check???
She looked really sweet at NAPBAS! Here's a pic
Cheesie why you so pretty??? *screams*

And we have the Queen!!! I saw Xiaxue immediately after Best Lifestyle Blog was announced and the winner wasn't her. *why???*

 I was like "女王!!!我要跟你拍照!!!" and she went "What 女王, I not 女王 la~"
In my eyes she will always be the Queen of Bloggers. THE Queen. 女王不是每个人都能当的,and she belongs there. No I'[m not trying to por. I don't bootlick. I seriously feel she deserves that title.

 I super major love her pink hair and full-sequinned blue dress that night. She looked a million bucks, yet still maintained a cutesy-pretty feel about her. =)

 Check out her outfit! AND THAT HAIR!!! It's pink and soft!!! My point being, it's so heavily-dyed-until-so-light-coloured, yet could still maintain that texture. *salutes*

 Cheesie won Best Fashion Blog!!! 
Needless to say I had to take a picture of what she wore. ;)
She lived up to that award. Go Cheesie!!!

 Me deciding to do simple elegance. =)

 So we have Cheesie on Best Fashion Blog. What about the other awards?

He did a classic. On stage with the award, he whipped out his phone, turned around to backface the audience, and snapped a picture of himself with the audience as his background, and tweeted on the spot. Alright Kenny!!!
Hidden Gem - Googly Gooeys

And the Most Influential Blog Award goes to.....

How could it not be her?


I was hopping so excitedly at my table in my supposedly-elegant dress that I thought I must have looked ridiculous. But I was genuinely happy that she won. I mean, come on, every single product she advertises for, SELLS. And I mean, SELL LIKE MAD kinda sell. If that is not influential, I don't know what is. 

 Her giving a speech about how she was sulking in the toilet over not winning Best Lifestyle Blog. Lol~

 How about Region's Best Blog?

Go wild people...ONE MORE FOR SINGAPORE!!!

 She was all teary-eyed when she got on to the stage, having not yet gotten over her win at the Most Influential Blog. The Nuffies had told her they wouldn't be giving the same person Region's Best Blog twice (she won the first one at NAPBAS 2009), so she was totally not prepared to go up the stage again. Guess she IS Region's Best, and we have to honour that. ;)

She spoke about how the whole world laughed at her and looked down at her when she first started blogging, and her speech made me tear too. (If you read her earlier posts you will know who *Ian is. Ian, whoever you are, whether or not you are still her friend, thank you for getting her to start blogging! The blogosphere is what it is today, really, very partly because of her.) It hasn't been an easy journey for her, but Xiaxue is where she is now, and I am truly very very happy for her. She, plus Qiuting, were my very very first inspirations to start blogging. =D

Thank you for opening this path for so many of us.


Nuffnang, you are the best. Ming and Timothy, you guys are DA BOMB!!!!
Thank you for doing this Oscar for the Bloggers, to honour the best in the Blogosphere. The night was magical, and truly wonderful. 

Thank you all Nuffies for making this happen. Thank you all bloggers for putting in effort into your blogs. Because united with credibility, that is what made the Blogosphere what it is today, having gained recognition from the public, from advertisers. My journey into blogging started in 2009, and I have never looked back since. If anything, there's only more to look forward to.

Thank you readers, for without you we are nothing. *hugs*

What used to seem like a 不正当的职业,I now PROUDLY tell others that other than being an artiste, 

Proud of Blogging, Proud of Nuffnang, Proud of Xiaxue,


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! You look very beautiful. Love your dimples!

  2. Great post, love the photos, makes me wish I had been there. Just one thing though, Childhood101 won the best parenting blog not prune nature.

  3. Anon>> OMG what a booboo!!!! Okay it's been rectified. Thanks for highlighting! =)

    Katherine>> Thank you. It was a lot of fun!!!

  4. Hey where was your dress from?

    1. It was 2010's Xmas collection from Love,Bonito!

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  6. Everyone says we look alike. Omg! I find you prettier for sure.