Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Life's Little Surprises

I've had my share of failed relationships, and I sometimes wonder if all couples will come to this point where someone will cheat on their partner. 

That little girl in me would still like to believe that fairytales do happen in real life. 

For someone who is that little bit jaded, I sometimes attend weddings wondering if the couple will last. In the last couple of years, however, I've been to weddings which make me smile, and I'm starting to believe again that real, committed, loving, faithful partners exist. 

Candyce and Junyang's was the first of the series of loving weddings. And then it was followed by Raymond and Yvonne's. Then Japheth and Barbara's. Followed by Roanna and Leonard's, and then Yvonne (another Yvonne of course, which kinda makes me wonder if all Yvonnes will marry loving husbands) and Andy's.

Hosted and sang at Andy and Yvonne's wedding about 3 weeks back.
I also had the honour of hosting and singing at Roanna and Leonard's wedding. Thanks dears, for allowing me to help make your wedding special. =)

These weddings I attended made me smile from the bottom of my heart, and even moved me to tears in some parts. I sincerely wish their love eternal forever magical. All of them seem to be doing well, and I'm really happy for them. Roanna is now preggers and they call the baby in her "Cashew" (cos it was shaped like one..lol). Congratulations my dear~ I know with you and Leonard, "Cashew" will grow up happy and fine. ;)

That is the kind of wedding and marriage I hope for myself. The kind which people will look at and smile, and sincerely wish well. There are weddings I have attended which doesn't make people feel that way, either the love is not strong enough, or for some warped I-think-it's-time-for-me-to-get-married-so-I-do reason, they get married, but I don't feel the bliss exuding from them. If you have bad vibes about marrying this partner, don't.

I caught those flowers. You know, the ones which the bride throws backwards in the pass-on-the-next-wedding style? Yes, it's the first time I was actually enthusiastic about catching that bouquet of flowers we usually try so hard to avoid catching. ^.^

May catching this bless me. *wink*

The kind of love, and the kind of man I want to marry, has to feel right. It has to make me feel secure that no matter what happens, we will be there for each other to support and encourage, and catch when the other party falls. A nurturing relationship, one would call it. I'm learning to live my life and love myself the way I should, so that this man can appear. Maybe he already has, but hasn't morphed into someone I know will be my partner, buddy, confidante, lover, for life. Maybe he's around me as a friend or we have met back in school. Or maybe some I-met-you-on-the-plane-remember? incident will occur and there he will be.

Life's little surprises. I look at the clouds and I smile. Yes, I am at peace, and can smile now. It's amazing to know that you can let go of the things which used to upset you so much. You can't rush it. It'll just happen. And I think over the last 2 weeks in Laos and Indonesia, it happened. 

Where will life take me next? *looks forward and smiles*

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  1. 'You can't rush it. It'll just happen. And I think over the last 2 weeks in Laos and Indonesia, it happened'

    有新对象了吗? Congrats!