Saturday, 24 December 2011

I miss school days!!!

Must be my quarter life crisis doing its work...of late I have been reminiscing of the good ol' studying days, a lot. A reader once asked me why her mum told her to enjoy school whle she can because it's going to be the best days of her life. I will say it's kinda true to some extent.

I remember when I was in school, the only things I worry about were my exams and tests (and honestly, we don't really get worked up over them UNTIL exam/test period. Lol~ True? Now, we have to worry about paying the insurance, the telephone bills, the vehicle monthly instalments, petrol (even taking public transport costs us about $150 to $200 per month as an adult, yes?) whether we have enough at the end of the month to be able to give our parents a decent amount of "allowance". All these easily adds up to a thousand bucks, if you're lucky. Then you know the meetings with friends...each "outing" can easily cost you a $50 to a $100. Think about it, a meal at a restaurant is going to set you back $20 each? Then there's the coffee, the random shopping... Not to forget relationships somehow become a lot more complicated, with betrayal and cheating and baggage getting in the way...

You get the idea.

I just came back from a day out with Mint and her partner Jackie. It's probably a long while since I've enjoyed myself the way I've done so the past 2 days. Yesterday they, together with Mint's mum and her mum's friend, brought me to Johor for breakfast, shopping at the Johor Premium Outlets, then a super sumptious seafood dinner at a kelong restaurant. Sounds like a normal day out right? Not really. If you're a student, and you have close friends and you know their parents, maybe. But at my age (not that I'm really's just a post-school-start-working thing), these things don't just happen anymore, unless it's a partner and you're close to your partner's parents enough to all go out together. So yesterday was a really feel-good day.

Then today, we set out on a task to help Jackie buy CNY clothes. Mint has been complaining that Jackie doesn't know how to dress up, and I'm really surprised that Jackie was really open to the idea of us helping to doll him up.

Then we were talking about You Are the Apple of My Eye. I have been told by my cameraman and other friends that it's really a good movie with a good script, and I have been wanting to catch it for a while. The only bad vibe I have with this show is that Nicholas had lied to me about being at Hooters with his batchmates when he was actually watching this show with 3 PRC batchgirls, one of whom he has been calling and chatting on the phone with every night when he told me he wanted this relationship. Yah I know. All that lying. FML. It's really not about me being biased against airline stewards you know, but how to trust one you tell me la~ *acts emo*

Okay la I'm okay now (I think). Story of my life. Hur hur hur...

Anyway back to the movie. Me, Mint and Jackie had decided that we'd go catch a movie after dinner, and we were kinda upset that Bugis Junction only had 4 shows. I was kinda determined to catch a show, and decided to log onto my Showtimezz app to search for Iluma listings. GUESS WHAT?!!!! It's still showing at Iluma!!!!! Mai tu liao la! ^.^ *happy moment*

The main actor in the show reminds me a lot of Nicholas. Happy-go-lucky, not much care or worry in the world, and super teekee. Plus a bit lame. Yet he makes people happy. (Until you decide to care too much.)What the fuck is wrong with me?

My point here is: Watching the show, other than bringing me bad vibes, brought me fond memories of school too, and how innocent love used to be. You know, the crush we had, the things we do to disturb each other, life was just...pure, innocent, childish, fun, and simple.

I remember this guy who went after me in a super duper romantic way. He would call almost every day, ask what I was doing, and then if I said I was studying Chinese, he would insist he lend me his 词语手册. Because he lives a 5min walk away from me, he would suddenly appear at my window and pass me his handbook. And in his handbook will be poems and love letters to me. It's so sweet, and I never imagined that I would grow up and still look back and think "Wow, why didn't I treasure this guy when he was there?", because when we grow up, we realise that people don't really do such things for us anymore. And we, vice versa, stop doing these sweet things for other people...

I remember the boys coming back from recess classes wet and sweaty and the classroom floor dirtied with grass and caked off mud from the patterns in the boys' shoes, and how that would get my form teacher mad and the boys had to 罚站 for one hour while she lectures them. And the girls would feel helpless because we couldn't go on with lessons, nor do anything else in that kind of very tense air in the classroom...

I also remember climbing into the school's clock tower "illegally". And changing out of our PE shirts after Physical Education lessons in the classroom, and chasing away the male teacher taking us for the next period, letting him in only after we were done chasing. Some of us changed in the broom closet, some behind the curtains along the windows facing the hill. I remember hopping along (or rather, ON) the benches and tables in the lecture theatre just to get to the lockers at the back of the class. I remember the Duty Roster for cleaning up the classroom and how we would fool around with the brooms and feather dusters...

School days. You won't come close to anything like it after you graduate and start working and being an "adult". We always tell students to "enjoy school while you can". There is so much more to that statement than we can possibly tell you why. I would love to hear your stories in school. Share them in a comment, tell me why you would tell the kids to "enjoy school while they can", and let the rest of us reminisce in the glory and joy of how wonderful school life had been. =)

Before I sign off, Merry Christmas Eve to all of you! May you be showered with lots of love and warmth! *Muacks!*



  1. Hmmm.. Seems like you were really enjoying school then.. So lucky. I don't really enjoy school. I am like , the only one who needs help with getting ard e school. So there's this buddy system thingy. N my buddies were always complaining abt me. and they would always compare my results. Like , if I get those average kind , they would laugh. And when I don't know how to do certain Qns , they would say me. Like " you are suppose to know" and things like that.

    Tht was all I cn rmb abt e current sch . In e previous one, I rmb Tht, when I was hospitalized fr 5 mths, some did came and visit. They made cards too. It was rlly sweet of thm I think. :)

  2. I'm definitely not missing my sec sch days probably because I'm the smallest in class(maybe even now still) and i get bullied a lot :(

    Hwever, during my days in art college is the best times of my life. I get to really experience growing up amongst the most talented peeps.

  3. Hope u kicked nicholas outta your life for good. He sounds like a real lowlife.