Thursday, 15 December 2011

Ad: Haute Urban Style

 Shopped for Xmas yet? Done? How about CNY?

I'm guilty of having done neither. *mumbles* I'm going to start right now!

 Haute Urban has an amazing collection of shoes, from flats to sneakers to heels and boots, as well as the recent trend - Platformed Brogue Shoes! LOVE THOSE TO BITS! Have a dress but just don't have that perfect pair of shoes to match? Haute Urban will solve that problem for you. ;)

To complete your look, you need a bag. Especially for CNY, when we need to put the Angpows($$$$$$$$$) in a safe place...

I've recently gotten smitten over red heels. They make a statement, and jazz up that little black dress so prettily!

(Plus, they are so so so so suitable for Xmas and CNY!!!)

 This pair of red shoes had me ogling at them for the longest time. I want a pair for myself!

There are similar-designed heels in different colours:

 These look amazing, plus they're work-appropriate. Who says work shoes have to be boring? ;)

 These remind me of the 1950's, thanks to the Mary Jane straps.

Comes in black too~

Something traditional to go with that Cheongsam. You'll gain the admiration and compliments from the older ladies. Plenty of looks of approval for this one, I can foresee.

 Very Devil Wears Prada. Super sexy. I LIKE!

If you're going for something less loud, yet still want to wear heels that spells "Stylish yet Casual Enough", here's a pair I like:

Haute Urban has plenty of pretty BOOTS too! Have I ever told you I'm a HUGE boots fan? I own like 10 pairs! ^.^
This pair is the match with almost-everything and it won't go wrong boots. I always pair my black sleek boots with a pair of black leggings and a dress/skirt and I'm good to go~

Sneaker heels. Schoolgirl-sexy, and chic.

 Something less sexy and more schoolgirl, for when you need to look more innocent. This is great for school too, I feel.

Animal Prints are back with a vengeance!

If you don't want it full-on, a small glimpse of the cats works, too~

I love boots because I can ride in them. They aren't half as delicate as heels, yet provide enough height so I don't look silly having to tip-toe when stopping at the traffic lights (Yes I need to tip toe), and still offer protection for my toes and feet because they're all covered up. Boots should be every biker chick's must-have item. ;)

One pair I'm eyeing that's sexy, rugged, and fit for the roads:

Looking for something less dressy fit for a Sunday afternoon tea with the girls, or for that lounging trip to the nearby coffeehouse? I found these from Haute Urban's site. Perfect.

Tempted by all the pretty shoes? Look what Haute Urban is offering you!

As for me? Hmmm...I can't decide between the Devil Wears Prada one, the first red pair, or that pair of boots...or all of them....


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