A Traditional Halloween, Right Here in Singapore?

What is your idea of a Halloween night? A dress-up party at a nightclub? A dress-up party in someone's home, complete with Champagne, wines and beers?

For many of us, the Halloween tradition in Singapore is just to dress up and go clubbing (that's partying in local terms. For the Caucasians, I once mentioned "clubbing" and they were like "Ouch, that sounds violent. You guys actually club each other in your night scenes?" -.-"). Where did good 'ol trick or treating go???

Surprise! Surprise! It is very much alive in an area of Singapore many of you may call "out of the way", or ulu. That is, where I reside in - Woodlands!

Woodgrove, where many Americans in Singapore live because it's near the Singapore American School, comes alive every Halloween night from 5pm till the candies are gone (that's usually 8ish by the way). Didn't know that? I don't blame you. I'm a Woodlander since 1995, and I have never heard of it until Mint told me. So this year, I decided to go check it out for myself and see exactly how Halloween Woodgrove can become...

This is where you enter. 
That's also where Al-Ameen is. And Loy Kee Chicken Rice *hungry*

I think this Halloween event must be big, because I saw this sign when I drove in....


 Look at the number of cars queuing to park at the multi-storey carpark just beside Al-Ameen!

 Me, Mint, and the Pumpkin. Mint left her pumpkin at LiveoMusic studio so she didn't have a pumpkin basket to fill up with candy. (I suggested she take a paper bag but she didn't want...lol.) We took Mr Glittery Pumpkin with us instead. He's pretty, and lights up, and his light changes colour! *proud*

 All the people walking in...(pssst!! Many of them were dressed up!)
Okok I'm starting to be excited!!!

And we come to the first house:

 WAH!!! It was decorated!!!! Okay it's not a house but a school. But it was decorated for Halloween!!!

When I walked further in I had a really pleasant surprise...

 Welcome to Woodgrove Halloween Theme Park!

I wasn't kidding when I said this place was a theme park. There was so much going on! And so many people!!!! Most were dressed up for Halloween, and almost every single house along and off Woodgrove Avenue seemed to be participating! Love this kinda unspoken but unanimous enthusiasm!

How come I NEVER KNEW????

Some of the houses were so decorated that I was thoroughly impressed:

 Families of these houses became the "crew" for Woodgrove Halloween Fright Night. Lol~ 

Who said we needed to go to Sentosa or Universal Studios or any of those for Halloween? We have it in WOODLANDS okay! *Suddenly so so proud of my neighbourhood which I was already proud of*

 Creative to the max. And kudos to this family for their effort! Even the trees were decorated!!!

 Of course, a house this decorated naturally attracted more people to come trick-or-treating.

The family dog was not left out! She was dressed as a witch bitch! Lol~

Some of the other houses which rose to the occasion:

 Oh gosh! Graves in their yard!!!!

 I really liked this house. Even without the Halloween things. Because it looked so getaway-ish~

 This one hung a Mummy inside their house!

And as for the people? We caught so many personalities!! I really liked how almost everyone, even the non-residents, were all in character and dressed up!

The cast of Wicked!

 A grumpy fairy.

 A ghoul...

 Walking eyeball!

 The Chinese dolls you burn for the dead. O.O 像喉?
Choi choi choi!!!!

 Spiderman and sister, the Princess.

 Snow White #01

 Snow White #02

 A cute couple dressed as a convict and a policewoman. Naise~ I always envy when I see couples who can do things like that together. Occassion. ^.^

 Thumbs up! That IS creepy.


 And of course, we have groups of friends dressed up to have fun too!

Look who's in the spotlight doing a very 艺人 pose? 帅!吊!

Many came masked. As ghouls, eyeballs, darth vaders, Frankenstein, or in Venetian masks or


Okay, you win. Lol~

It's a long stretch in, and I strongly advise against wearing heels or uncomfortable shoes, unless you want to get blisters or a very good calf workout. Bring water (it's very likely to be hot), and if you can, dress up in light fabric. No PVC or Mascot suits, unless you wanna risk heatstroke and be dripping wet (with perspiration) by the time you're done. 

Somewhere in the middle of the stretch though, every year, you will find him:

Ah~ Cold cold ice cream to alleviate the heat~

 Visitors dress up to go to Woodgrove for Halloween, so how couldthe residents of this little private estate not do the same? We caught a few themed families...

 A family of pirates!!! 
P.S. The mother was sooooo pretty! Suits the Keira Knightley personality perfectly!!!

 We have Miss Universe and a chambermaid!
The Miss Universe stands and smiles like one too!

 Doo-doo-doo~ do-do toot!
Mario and Luigi!!!!!!!! Cute!

 The Incredibles!!! (Or is that Robin? Lol~)

The last one. Super funny. And he can pose. 

Ready for it?
I'm sure you will be amused too...

 Happy Halloween!!!

 Will you be here next year? (Admission is FREE)

Bring a basket!
By the way, residents gave us treats into the mouth of Mr Glittery Pumpkin!

(So adults can trick-or-treat too! Don't be shy~)

Northerners Rocks!


  1. i grew up in woodlands too and i'll always beg my dad to bring me to woodgrove when it's halloween.... and it always fails


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