Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Sexiest Party of the Year

Hey you, exams over yet? Done a lotta hard work this year and haven't let your hair down in a loooong time? Girls, are you 18 yet? Guys, 21? Alright then this is for you!!!!

Time to reward yourself by getting complimentary entry into the hottest party of the year -

The Singha Full Moon Party!!!!!!


Yeah, the Singha Full Moon Party. You heard me right. What comes to mind when you hear "full moon"? Twilight? Werewolves? 色狼??? Jiak zeh??? Lol.

Essentially, that's what you associate with interesting happenings, insomnia, and lunacy. 
Okay I'm joking, but crazy and interesting party people who can't sleep sounds like a night of energetic fun~ ;)

Okay here's my grandmother background story about the full moon party - In 1985, a bunch of tourists in Koh Phangan found that the moon was most beautiful there. They arranged a party along the crescent-shaped beach of Haad Rin to celebrate the Full Moon night. From then on, people from all over the world come to join the celebration...

Today, 20,000 - 30,000 people flock to Koh Phangan to join in the party every month on the night of the full moon. Gosh, is that like the turnout every year for ZoukOut? Except that it happens every month???? 


Wanna see what it's like?


Playing with Fai-yer~~~

Hot hot hot~!!!! Lots of sexy bodies~~

And not forgetting...lots of hangover shots....make sure you don't get snapped like these poor buggers:

Girls, be careful if you're gonna be wearing little cloth yeah?

And try not to get so drunk you're outside the floor of Attica when the party's over. Or worse, just when the party's getting started...

 And erm...try not to get so drunk you don't know who you're making out with okay?

Always remember: Drink Responsibly!!! Do eat something before you come. You don't wanna be on (Don't say I didn't warn you~)

Guess what, Singha will be organizing their 3rd instalment of Singha Full Moon Party concurrently with the one in Koh Phangan!!! This has been organized in Sydney and Melbourne, and our very own F1 Pit Building! Though you're far away, you know you're part of the party baby! YEAH~~~ Will you wear your bikinis to match the party in Koh Phangan? Hmm....? *sultry pout*

Oh, before I forget, Utt will be your emcee for the night... Gosh he's hot...
*Silver...stop drooling~*

...and International DJ Sophia Lin...

Oh gosh...check out her body~~~ I'm female, and now I'm sure I have bisexual tendencies... 
Btw, she will be spinning from 10pm-11pm so be there by 9:30 to get good places. So we can watch her spin~ I hope she wears something really sexy~ Woohoo!!!

Okay, hot eyecandy bloggers like Yummy Chrispytine & HollyJean will be there so do come! Plenty of feasting for your eyes~ 

So, to sum it up:

What: Singha Full Moon Party 2011
When: 25 November 2011
Where: Attica & Attica Too
Time: 9:30pm till late

RSVP @ with 
1. Your Name, 2. NRIC, & 3. Mobile Number
for free entry before 11pm! You'll also get free flow of Singha beer from 10-11pm!

Each ticket to the party costs $28 so RSVP early to avoid disappointment!

AND! Just for you my readers...

Email me with Name, NRIC, and Mobile Number (if you have friends coming put their names and I/C numbers in the same email!) with the subject 

"I Want To Be On Silver's Guest List!" 

and you'll get to go to the party WITHOUT JOINING IN THE NORMAL QUEUE!!! Yes, I mean PRIORITY ENTRY!!! First 10 emails win so gather your party people and email me now!!!

Note: Free entry only from 9:30pm-11pm. Thereafter cover charge applies! So be there early!!!

What shall I wear...? *winks*


  1. Hi Silver,

    Any details for those on your list?

    When we reach, just proceed to the front of the queue & say I'm on Silver's list? (:

  2. i actually find that u resemble DJ Sophia Lin. just s HOT n just s CUTE.
    guess i missed the party by ... like ... 3 months. sigh