Wednesday, 2 November 2011

September & October Haul~

 No particular reason why there's no shopping haul vlog entry, or any vlog entry at all, in October. Just been lazy. I admit. =P 

Anyways, here's a list of the things I bought in September & October! Mainly makeup, as I need new ones. =)

 My favourite mascara ever~
Comes with the free lip balm! Promotion's over though. 

 Came across these and I wonder why I have never paid any attention to Canmake makeup products before. They can be so pretty!

Cream blushers. I bought them in 2 colours so that I can try out different looks.
( the way, I went to Watsons and saw that they now carry CandyDoll makeup!!! I thought these look prettier though. =P)

 Princess Glow Powder Blush

 I have wanted to buy shading/contouring powder for a loooong time. And I saw that they have it in 3 shades! So thus, I bought it. In #3.

 I've heard from Mint that Rachel K's products are good after her Olay experience filming, and I was seriously curious...

 In Medium Shade.

 Me with only my concealer on my dark eye rings.
You can't really tell here but I have freckles and pigmentation problems.

 After the CC pressed powder has been applied. Yeah you heard it right. It's CC pressed powder, like BB cream, but it's CC.

Am just gonna show u what else I used (I can't just be walking around with a "flat" looking face with only pressed powder!!! Colours!!! ) in case u wanna know:

Been using Dior's eyeshadow palette for a while now, and I'm loving this particular palette of neutrals, complete with a pink highlighter (for the inner corners of the eyes!)

DollyWink Eyeliner in Brown. 

Note: If you're using pencil eyeliner (more like crayon), always remember to use a similar-coloured eyeshadow (use a thin brush to apply) over it to set the eyeliner as pencil/crayon eyeliners tend to smudge, especially at the outer lower corners of the eye.

 #01. The texture is smooth and very easy to apply and blend~

 Light puff of the Princess Glow Blush

 The secret of making your face look smaller: shading. By brushing on a darker shade across or jawline or wherever you want the contours to be (nose), you help your face create definition (and a shadow effect), making you look slimmer. ^o^

Finished! Off for my hair appointment with Comb @ Shunji Wisma!
P.S. The makeup took me less than 10 minutes. You can too! ;)


  1. Please do a make up tutorial for all the make up noobs out there (myself included)! When u're free of cos. ;) hope that's not too much of a request! Hehehe