Friday, 11 November 2011

My First Ever Yacht Trip

Long long ago (okay maybe NOT so long), before Sentosa Cove was ready for residential living and it was mostly construction sites and the only few buildings were the super expensive landed properties and ONE°15 Marina Club, I drove in with buddy Wei Lie once. To explore, talk, and well, enjoy time together. (No we weren't dating. Just pure good ol' chatting and exploring. Innocent stuff, which was nice. ^,^)

I didn't get to go into ONE°15 Marina Club though, because it looked so expensive it intimidated the shit outta me. Lol. Like the security would see right through us straight away and told us to get lost. >.<

Years later, I finally had the chance to enter this place with a swagger... 
Thank you Crocs! Thank you Kaye!

 I don't remember Sentosa Cove looking like that. I thought it looked a bit more fairytale-ish. With those condos up, that fairytale essence has gone... (I totally regret not having started blogging then, or I would have pictures to show you.)

 The lucky ones going out to sea! (Well, except Kaye and another girl whose name I least I'm honest! Sorry!!!!)

 Walking down the dock, or the marina, or the jetty, or the pier....
I think it's a marina??? *sheepish*

 That is a FLOATING DOCK!!! 
*super kampung kid*


若真天真多好~ 有人跟我说过天真的女孩男人最想疼~ 

咳,我太精了。。。没能像这种福~~~ T.T

 想那么多,又没用~~~ 花力气开心有船坐吧!!! 

 (糟~ 渡轮和游艇都不会分~~~ Jialat...)

Sorry for the non-Chinese-literate! I haven't blogged in Chinese in a long time...kinda miss it, and I guess being in Taiwan brought it out Yes I am in Taiwan. Will talk more about it another time. For now, enjoy my first yacht/boat trip!!!


 They come in all shapes and sizes and designs. And I thought boats all looked one way.

Okok I'm not SOOO swakoo la okay~ 
I know boats look like that, and yachts look different. But I have never been on a yacht, and I seriously didn't know yachts can come in so many different designs...

Trivia - many residents who own landed properties in Sentosa Cove actually have their own yachts. (The kind of life I can only dream about, and then wonder if I really want...) And some of these houses have their own docks!!! Like, they have a yacht parked right at the back of their house with their own boat parking bay in the water!!!! How cool is that????

 Imagine if a resident (someone trying to be funny and me...) parked a sampan at her dock, beside all the super atas yachts their neighbours own...

Cute right??? 

No meh~ I think it is lor, and you're not going to change my mind about that. *swishes my ponytail and walks towards the boat we're gonna take..*

Well, the very first yacht in my life....

 Crocs' Duke!

 Hong Kong flag? Yeah this fella just arrived from Hong Kong, and will only be in Singapore for a short while~ Lucky lucky us. I am privileged. *感恩*

 OMG first one to step on the boat!!!!! 
OMGOMGOMG so excited that I'm going in with 同手同脚!!! Left hand left foot. Lol~

 YES! Looking super auntie for some reason. 

 And that's the girl who wore a supre stylish jumper that day, and working non-stop. 
If only all jumpers look so cool~
Christine~~~ Chio la!

 Our Captain Joe! May we have a safe journey!

In case that picture was too small for you to catch a glimpse of her... 
(Actually I just want to show u me...she happens to be a nice instalment to the picture. LOL! 

 Check out her blog at She writes damn funny things...
Sometimes a little too 入骨, sometimes a little too controversial, and that's why we love her. Straighforward, with ideas. A straightforward, intelligent woman with ideas. <3

 Setting off~~~

It was amazing. Joe steered us away from those clouds and we totally avoided the rain for our whole trip! And we thought it would be wet cos the skies seemed so gloomy that day... Alright Joe!


Ah~ The clear blue (non-sunny) skies, the seas, the high life, and friends~
The sea always has a way of making people feel that one should open their hearts, souls, minds, and see that the world is waiting to feed you with all the possibilities in the world~

 The control panel & steering wheel!

 Complicated stuff.


 Mint! How come we didn't take any pictures TOGETHER????

 That's Kusu Island.

 Still wanna pretend I can control a boat other than a canoe or a sampan...

Picture zoom out. Don't laugh.

 People sit down and drive (check out Joe's picture on top).
I stand until ka kui kui still want to look cool. *smacks forehead*

 Richard~ The other guy on the boat. It takes a minimum of 2 persons to set sail. 
Love this picture I took of him~

 Kodak moment. I wanted to do a Titanic, but if I stand up I'm going to fall right over. The railing was knee height if I stand. Oh well~ 

 The Crocs sail! *wink*

 Nice and relaxed *wink again*

I swear I didn't take the winking pictures on purpose. I probably don't even realize that I wink with that same eye all the time if I do (Do I?)

Then halfway through, we met with a little mishap...
Our boat engine died. 


OMG boat engine died and we're in the middle of the sea??? HOW?????????

 Joe calmed us, explained that sometimes water gets into the fuel tank and that would cause the engine to die (now we know what to do to cheating husbands and wives...) and called a towboat to come tow us back to shore. (I didn't know tow-vehicles are possible at sea too.) And he brought this out....

OMG Joe you're SO NICE!!!!! It's a Veuve Clicquot!!!!!!!!! EXPENSIVE CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!
*wonders how much better could my day get*

And they offered it just to us! They didn't drink as they said they shouldn't be drinking on duty. Responsible guys. Yeah~ Don't drink and sail. He did say we could all go drinking after we head back to shore and he's done for the day~


What is this??? Joe brought this out from nowhere...

Some kinda metal kite???

Needs some assembling apparently...

Mint, being ever so helpful and initiative, helped assemble it.

...while this Missy here goofed around with it. Pretending to look drunk while she's at it...

AH~~~ We found out that "thing" (I forgot what it was called) is put on ships/boats whenever a ship/boat is immobile. Acts as a sort of warning to other ships that this one can't move so it can't avoid you so you have to avoid us if we're in your way. 

Kind of like an orange cone, or a triangle plate. Or hazzard lights on a car. 
Which is why I hate car/taxi drivers who turn on their hazzard lights on the highway when it's raining heavily. Hello? Just turn on your lights! It's enough! Turning on your hazzard lights confuses other drivers that you might be a stopped vehicle! And too many people doing it will cause drivers to take all hazzard lights to be idiot drivers and ignore it. And possibly drive into an ACTUALLY stopped car.

Back! Nearly...and then....

The tow boat that was towing us went in the direction of the brickwall, and capsized.
Like, what the hell was that all about???? Joe and Richard had to cut the line connecting us to the towboat or we would be dragged to the wall and crash. I wasn't sure if everyone could swim on our boat, but I was glad nothing happened to our boat.

Lots of admin and paperwork, interviews and investigation to be done, though we were looking forward to that drink at Harry's. Oh well. Looked like they were going to have a long evening...

Still, my first yacht outing. Memorable, definitely. How else would I describe it? ^.^


  1. that's kusu island not pulau ubin.. :)

  2. no problem! u shld visit kusu island when u're free.. quite a nice place to visit.. :)