Monday, 14 November 2011

How to Not Like?

 Welcome back to part 2 of Justlike Villa!
If you haven't read the first part, go there first. =)

You haven't seen how it looks like from the outside! I wouldn't mind coming home to this every day....


If I could I would stay here the rest of my trip, but due to the nature of our filming and tight schedule and travelling distances we had to switch our accomodations every 2-3 days... But that means I get the chance to explore more and tell you which ones are good and which ones are the don't-bothers, if you're planning to go to Hua Lian and doing homestays too. (Hualian is famous for their homestays, btw.)


 My checkout breakfast...
Pork porridge with choysum.

 Okay actually it's a whole lot of dishes. And the veggies were freshly picked that very morning!

 And preserved/fermented beancurd!!! Not the smelly one la! This one's salty. 
豆腐乳 you know? The only one I've ever eaten is Singapore's AAA brand's preserved beancurd:

This. And to be honest I thought this was already not bad. Happens to be something my Ah Gong loves.

But the one that was served to us that morning? It was made by Han Jie (韩姐), the owner of the villa herself. Aww~~~ It's NOT the same! Hers is firmer, and less salty, and just tastes...damn nice la! The kind that you won't feel like you hav had too much of....

As raved by the producer and director of the programme I'm doing:


 My cameraman and soundman, enjoying our last breakfast here.

The thing that makes one love this place, is the fact that it is a place with soul. The owner, the little touches, the food, not just as they are. Every little thing, including the strength of the water flow when you turn on the tap, has been carefully thought out and put into place. Nothing is compromised.

I had a long talk with Han Jie the night before, and she told me so many stories about why she decided to move to Hualian with her hubby Luo Ge (洛哥) and her children to set up this villa.

It was because of love. Love for her children. And how they went through so much hardship to make this home. With only 20% of the amount of money required to buy the land and build the house (that was all they had), how they had to borrow so much money from the bank and how she cried so many nights and how Luo Ge kept her going. They had to eat 45NT-per-packet food and rent a roof over their heads while the house was being built, for a long time. They even framed up the cover of the packet food to remind themselves of how they made it through those days. Ask her to show you if you're there.

She shared stories of the little snippets of joy and troubles in the villa and memorable experiences with some guests. 

She also shared many stories of how people thanked her for saving their broken relationships and how to appreciate, live life, and love. 

If you have any problems in your life, any at all, I would recommend you pay Justlike Villa a visit, and have a heart-to-heart with this amazing lady. She's an EQ-goddess, has an astounding way of managing people relationships, and knows just what to say without being too intrusive. A week there with her, and I guarantee you, beats any consultation with any psychologists. =) 

Take my word for it.

 A mentally refreshed and happy girl.


 More shots of the nature I caught that morning...
 Pollen? Those black spots are the seeds of this plant. 
They will release them when the time comes for them to reproduce. They just looked like embossed circles when you look at the surface of the leaves, and maybe staying here made me appreciate nature and the simple things more, because I wouldn't have noticed the "embossed prints" on the leaves otherwise, much less flipped it over to see those black rings.

 The ducks I was talking about! See the one in front? That's the only male duck, and the father of the pack. I can't tell which is the Mum cos the duck children have grown up to be as big. =)

 But I think maybe it's the one right behind the father. ^.^ Then the rest of the kids follow. 
Amazing how this family of ducks behave Lol~ 

 Ah Bui!!!! Take 1: Fail
(But I loved how he rested his legs on my arm~)


 Take 3: FAIL!!!!!


 Success! Moral of the story? Persevere, and you will get what you want. 
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Lol~

Super super love this picture! His ears!!!! *melts* *starts missing Alton...*

 The soul behind Justlike - Han Jie
喜欢农庄背后的灵魂人物 - 韩姐。 如果喜欢农庄没有她,就不会是喜欢农庄了。 因为是她 (当然还有洛哥),喜欢农庄才会有那份心的存在。

“只要你让一个女人感觉到你爱她,能为她上高山下火海,最固执最硬最强悍的女人都悔软化,为你去拼死拼活” - 韩姐。 I couldn't agree more with her words.

喜欢农庄 Justlike Villa

This is not a paid ad. Honest, sincere words, from the bottom of my heart. 



  1. Like! Will consider this if we are going to Taiwan. Thank you for the recommendation. :)

  2. Just came back from there last week! on the 9th.

    was a tour for 8 days(well 6 including two free and easy's).great place to go:)


  3. its not pollen...spores =)


  4. Yes yes yes!!!! SPORES!!! Okay I've forgotten my Science. =P

  5. Yep spores from fishtail ferns the round structure is actually called sporangies which house the spores, pollen only in angiosperms