Friday, 4 November 2011

Ah Bui vs Yan Dao Gia!

This week marks the start of Guinness Live! 

I had the honour of doing coverage for the PK @ Dragonfly.

PK??? Yup, each night one contestant from a team will PK another contestant from another team. So it's 2 contestants PK-ing each night. Each song has been rearranged by Music Director Eric Ng 黄韵仁 so they are slightly different from the original. It's up to the contestants to portray the new version of the song well.

Let's see what went on that night:
The poster.

The actual 2 dudes. 完全没有杀气~~~

 Catching the 2 contestants before event starts. Aydan vs Yongwei.
Me: 你们有把握吗?
Aydan: 有
Yongwei: 没有

Me: 那紧张吗?
Aydan: *nods*
Yongwei: *shakes head*

干吗??? 有把握的,紧张。没有把握的,不紧张???

And the night kicked off with William Scorpion doing the opening number:

and then the mentor for Team Dragonfly, Jason Chung, with his song

And the mentors talk about what it takes to be a real performing singer.

 Aydan was introduced on stage. And the mentors told the audience:


And the PK begins:

Aydan: 热情的沙漠

 Yongwei: 浪子心声

 I think the mentors weren't too pleased with the 2 singers' portrayals, but commended that Yongwei has got good audience appeal and that his Cantonese sounded close esp since he couldn't speak it. Okay, keep it up!

Round 2:

Aydan: 我真的受伤了

Yongwei: 爱你一万年

No breakthroughs for either contestants. But we could tell Aydan seemed to try harder. Everyone was anticipating Yongwei to try to go on the high notes for that last line “爱你一万年~~~” but don't have leh. Anti-climax.... Yongwei, we'd rather you risk it than sing safe, yeah?

And the final round:

Aydan: 有多少爱可以重来

Yongwei: 如果没有你

This round, clearly, Aydan did much better. Yongwei ah~ Jiayou wor...

Let the screaming and yelling from the audience begin!!!

 Such a close fight!!! Gosh, the 3 VIP tables will be the determining factor! Who will win the 100 bonus facebook votes?

Yongwei, you got lucky. Remember, this is just round 1. I know how terrifying and nerve-wrecking this whole experience is like, (trust me, I've been there, and you're just trying to not fall apart, let alone sing well).

Since this is your very first singing competition, we'll give you a chance. Aydan, you did well. Always room for improvement! (Same for myself too!)

Supporters, don't forget to cast your votes for your favourite contestant in

What you stand to win WEEKLY:

An exclusive St. James VIP Card 
(Yes, one each week!!!)
  • Free entry for you and up to 5 friends to all venues managed by St James Holdings Ltd. (that includes Shanghai Dolly, Dragonfly, and Firefly!)
  • 20% off total bill (bottles and loose drinks only)
  • 15% off bar food at St. James Power Station and Shanghai Dolly
  • 15% off total food bill at Wine Bar and Dolly Kitchen

 (Contest is only open to all aged 18 and above, but do stay tuned to support your favourite contestants!)

Clueless about who's who? Read this post for more background information about the singers!

You can also visit Guinness Live's Facebook page to get updates on the event, vote, as well as find out how to book an excusive VIP table.

Check out William's blog on what happened on Day One as Regine and Willis kicked start the whole competition!

Who do you think did better? Leave a comment below and tell me why!  ;)


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