Monday, 24 October 2011

One Day

Went to catch this with buddy Denzel last night, and to be honest, he suggested the show, booked the tickets, and I went into the theatre with absolutely no idea what to expect from the show, with only the knowledge that Anne Hathaway is in it (and I kinda like her).

 I guess that allowed me to watch it with no expectations, and with an open mind like an empty sponge waiting to be filled with, may I say this, overwhelming emotion.

2 people. In love with each other yet who just do not seem to get together. Always at the wrong stage of each others' lives. Never ready. Best friends since graduation, and it's a long series of hit and miss.

Set in London (My favourite place of all time. I love all things British, somehow. Even the accent.), and Paris, 2 cities I could so relate to. A smart woman, deep in thinking, beautiful, and funny in her own way, always feeling for the same one man. The man she loved so much, handsome and charming, who could potentially be so many things, always doing the wrong things that made him so screwed up.
Maybe a lot of you girls, possibly even a few guys, can relate to the show, maybe it's just me. But it touched my heartstrings and yanked forcefully at them. Yes One Day made me smile, made me go quietly in my mind in exasperation "Why? Why like that??? What the fuck?" and gripped my heart to tears. 

It's one show since Moulin Rouge, A Walk to Remember and Sweet November that makes me go "I love this show to bits". Worth watching, really. =)

2 trailers. I couldn't make up my mind which to show you. So here's both:

Note: Bring tissue paper.

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  1. even im a guy...i have no shame to cry on this..the fact that my gf just broke up with me even make me feel more damn sad..