Sunday, 16 October 2011

How to Use Your Diving Watch for Non-Diving Pursuits

Like for when using a facial mask, for example. 

Was taking a shower and glanced at my watch, then had this super random thought about how the unidirectional bezel works. You know right? Those Omega or Rolex or more premium watches will all have that bezel around the watch face which you can only turn unidirectionally. I only knew what that was really for, and how it works, like, sometime this year (super 丢脸). 

Thing was, I forgot momentarily how it's supposed to work, and only remembered it after I'm done with the shower, like 10 minutes later. 

Do you know?

It's actually meant for scuba diving purposes. When the diver goes into the water at 11:20am, for example, he will align the zero mark of the bezel to the 20-minute mark (as of 11:20). This way, should he forget what time he went underwater, he can always refer to the bezel marking. This allows the diver to estimate how much time he has been underwater, thus how much oxygen he has approximately used and left, and to determine if he should surface soon.

Yup, so there you have it. So if the oxygen tank can only provide a 30-45 minute supply of oxygen, the diver can estimate how much more time he has underwater. 

But honestly, how many of us dive?

I have never dived before. *hides head in shame*
Well, most people would expect a former air crew to have tried it all - diving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, skydiving (nope, all not yet either). I haven't even tried skiing la... *超失败的*

 So it's literally useless to us right, that function? Wrong.
It so happened that I stepped out of the shower and wanted to put on a mask sheet, then an ingenious (though it may somewhat be kinda obvious) idea struck me - instead of always having to remember what time I put the mask on and how much time has passed and if I have had the mask for too short or too long a period, I'll just turn the bezel to the time I put the mask on la!

 11:05 was what time I started. 

 In case you're wondering, I'm not trying to show off my Tag.

Yes, I own one, and it was a gift from Mummy 6,7 years ago? Initially I didn't really like it, because I was used to wearing hugeass watches, Swatch, and Baby-Gs. But then I started flying and they had all these rules about watch type and sizes, so I took this out and started wearing it ever since. 
Tag Heuer. Not so much to me a branded watch as it is a super hardy watch. It endeared hard knocks against walls, galley compartments, oven racks, and whatever you could think of. Heck, it even survived with barely a scratch my flips and somersaults while taking my Motorcycle Class 2B lessons.

Anyhow, I grew to love it over time. Time makes us attached to things, and makes us appreciate them for the qualities not apparent at first sight...

Do you own a watch like that? A scuba diving watch with a unidirectional bezel. Eh good for tasks which require you to keep time. Like the above. And er...maybe when doing a time journal where you record how much time you actually spend each day doing what? Or cooking your cup noodles? How about studying for your O's? You know, spend 2 hours on this subject, another 2 on that, so you don't spend too much time on ONE topic and neglect the rest. 

Whatever it is, use that watch. We always just use things as how they were meant to be used, and not think out of the box. I had a really good "EUREKA!!!" moment when I thought I could use it to time my facial mask duration okay. Lol~

Time to remove my mask~~~ ;)

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