Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thanks for the erm...Condom.

Whilst I was in the midst of all the confusion and finding myself...I found a little gift on my bike box which made me unsure of how to react - laugh, cry, be flattered, be angry, be disgusted?

Laugh because it was a somewhat-kinda-warped cute kinda pick-up, cry because "What the hell, how long has it been on my bike? How many people have seen it? Wah lao so paiseh!!!!", flattered because someone who knew I ride THIS bike wants to sleep with me, and sleep safe so that's kinda, and angry because "Hello? Who do you think I am??? So cheap ah?! Even social escorts get paid to be slept with okay! Kns...@$%#%^#". 

Anyway, I snapped a couple of pictures, and threw the condom away on the floor behind the bike parking lots. (Sorry for littering, but I didn't want to hold it for longer than a second, and there was no bin within 100 metres of me.)

Well, my perk-me-up (kinda~ this doesn't happen every day you know...) for the week.

Days prior to this, I met another rider after I was parked and was going off (he was just going to his scooter). It was raining when I was riding home, so what I do normally is just to hang my raincoat and rain pants on my bike mirrors to air dry. (If you fold them and keep them before they're dry they somehow develop a really funky smell...) Hours later, I had to go out and when I went to the bike, the raincoat and pants were gone!!! 

Okay not really, I found them folded and stuffed inside my helmet with a note from the scooter-rider telling me he had helped to fold my raincoat because he was worried someone else might take it. And left me his name and number. 


Good try dude...but because my raincoat and pants were WET, and you folded them and stuffed them inside my helmet, my helmet was now wet and felt icky when I had to wear it, my raincoat and pants did not get to air-dry and I had to keep them in my bike box and I would have to air them again later.

And the most classic part? stuffing them in my helmet, people CAN STILL STEAL my raincoat if they want you know? It's not like it's kept inside my box.

Days later I saw him again when I was heading out, (mind you, that condom was still on the floor) and after like 20 seconds of my fiddling with my jacket and gloves, he "suddenly" noticed my presence (he was probably thinking if I knew the condom was by him, if it was, and deciding if he should talk to me since I threw that away) and went 

"How's your raincoat?"
HUH?!?!?! "Good." 

and I rode off.

When I came back the condom was no longer on the floor. I wonder if he, or who else, had taken it. Unopened ma, don't waste. LOL!!!

Raincoats&Condoms - They protect you from foreign fluids.


  1. ROFL! Like your last sentence!

  2. LOL! Great post, Silver. I enjoyed it!

    Like you, I too think he's the culprit for the condom stunt. Given the sequence of events, what's the odds of it being pulled by any random person? I mean, your last sentence of the post said it all.

    Having said that, as a fellow guy in a similar situation, I kinda feel for him. I mean, sure it was a risk for him to pull off such a stunt. But I think the reason he proceeded with it could be that he thinks you're the kind that can take such pranks in a stride. After all, you're a biker gal, aren't you! hehe.

    Maybe he likes you, and just wanted to 'break the ice' between you and him in a cheeky way, and had meant no harm. So, give the fella a chance and just offer him your friendship as a start. Nothing more. See where it goes.

    I'm in a similar situation too. I noticed a girl at my usual bus stop for quite a while and think she's cute. I'd love to get to know her. Just that. No pressure. I've made the first move by handing her a short note with my number. But she hasn't reciprocated. And now it's really awkward whenever I bump into her at the bus stop.

    If giving her condom is way out of line, why doesn't a simple note does the job too? What's a guy to do to get to know a girl stranger??


  3. luckily it was a wrapped condom. Just imagine if it was a used condom with semen inside! Ewww...

    So, it's not that bad leh...

  4. Silvr,

    Leaving a condom is crude, rude, lewd and completly indecent.

    If the perv reveals his/herself to you, that person deserves a slap in the face!

  5. Gem>> Strike up a conversation with her somehow. I know it's difficult, esp when it comes to someone you kinda like, but at least try. If not she'll just think you're trying your luck with her like she's a random girl. When I was flying I received plenty of namecards and notes with phone numbers, but how is a girl to know who is sincere? =)