Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Optic Neuritis

Had wanted to share with you guys my experience with the McDonalds' Open Doors Kitchen Tour today, but I'm really having difficulties moving my eyes now, so it's really a chore to edit the super many pictures I have. As I'm sitting here typing this post, I'm trying hard not to move my eyes too much, because even looking up and down causes a strain behind my right eye. But I think I'll share what's happening to me, because I am genuinely worried about this more than anything else right now.

I am a qualified Optometrist, but I haven't been practising for years, and my knowledge of eye pathologies have somehow been buried in the depths of my cranial enclaves. So honestly, I had no idea what is causing the pain in my right eye which is making it so difficult for me to work on the computer now. I do know that it's my ExtraOcular Muscles which are causing the pain though. Those are the muscles responsible for allowing your eyes to rotate. And since it has been bothering me since yesterday, I decided to google and find out what's wrong.

Retrobulbar Optic Neuritis.

That's the conclusion I got. An inflammation of the Optic Nerve located behind the eye. Common onset in women in their 20s to 30s. (So it's a young adult disease?) And often begins unilaterally (in one eye), though it may spread to both. Vision loss may precede rapidly and progressively. Hell forbid, no. I need my eyes to write.

I suddenly thought of Wei Lian, and how he is so good with everything, like working on his computer, learning his instruments, and climbing stairs. Did I mention he climbs stairs at an alarming speed, faster than me? He doesn't need to look at the steps, mind you! Even choosing girlfriends. His girlfriends have all been, pretty? (Kelly once joked “你懂她们是美的哈?”) The only thing he's bad at is avoiding snails during rainy weather.

Retrobulbar Neuritis is usually an early sign of Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease which affects the spinal cord. According to this site, "many people with retrobulbar neuritis eventually develop multiple sclerosis". For those of you who don't understand, an autoimmune disease is where your own body's immune cells attack your own nervous system. And one may have these symptoms if one has MS:
  • Fatigue

  • Numbness

  • Walking (Gait), Balance, & Coordination Problems

  • Bladder Dysfunction

  • Bowel Dysfunction

  • Vision Problems

  • Dizziness and Vertigo

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Pain

  • Cognitive Dysfunction

  • Emotional Changes

  • Depression

  • Spasticity

Less Common Symptoms
These symptoms also occur in MS, but much less frequently.
  • Speech Disorders

  • Swallowing Problems

  • Headache

  • Hearing Loss

  • Seizures

  • Tremor

  • Respiration / Breathing Problems

  • Itching

I am a healthy young girl who has so many things in life to pursue, nothing is wrong with me. *uses the power of positive thinking*

Most sites tell me Optic Neuritis is commonly associated with MS, though it MAY NOT BE SO. I shall be the may-not-bes. And the good news is, often, Optic Neuritis resolves on its own, usually within 3 weeks. If my vision starts getting affected I'll tell you. But pray that my updates are positive okay? ^.^

I will try to blog about the McDonald's (is it McDonalds' or McDonald's? I am ALWAYS confused!!!!!) tour later today if I can okay? For now, I'm just going to say Thank You, for coming to my blog, some of you every day. I really appreciate the support you guys have given me as a blogger, a writer, an entertainer, whatever you call this. I love you guys, and let's hope I am all good again very soon.


Lots of Love,


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  3. Thanks Sean.

    And Anon>> Depends on where you go. Same as Singapore, you go Bugis Street, cheap. Far East Plaza or Paragon, not cheap.

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