Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Loot!

At 7:50pm...back at the Jade room of Marco Polo Hotel...

 All the teams are coming back one by one~

 And there's Team Singapore!!!! Woot!!!

If we want to talk about which team bought the MOST number of things, we win. No fight. LOL!!!

Look at this pair of heels that Celeste got for her outfit! Chio max!!!!!! You can't really tell here, but the shoes were embellished with super shiny crystals ALL OVER! 
EVEN in the soles!!!!! Later show you!

Nicole no lose Celeste. (Yah I know my English damn powerful. Lol!)
GOLD heels, also with "Crystallized" soles, and have you noticed the top of the heels?! Woot~!!!

And they decided on the Orange bag for Celeste. This picture is of the wrong side of the bag. The actual bag's SUPER bling like mad! With mad dua-liap crystals!

They bought like so many things that really, I'm not lying, if the contest was based on quantity, they'd have won. Hands down. 


Too many pairs of shoes. They initially settled on one, then saw another nicer one, then another nicer one. Such is the beauty of Hong Kong (especially the shoes!!!!) can never stop finding great stuff!!!!!!!!

Me with the girls!!!!!

Awful. I don't know why I put this up. Chui-ness. I was super not feeling well that day, coughing my lungs out and feeling woozy. No makeup on.

I shall be grateful I even look human. =P

Lucky draw time! Again! The girls had to draw for their hairstyling timeslot before the actual presentation tomorrow. Presentation's at 14:00hrs and rehearsal's at 1:20pm. 



WHAT????? Crazy!!! Who in their right minds would wake up at that hour to do a hair that might not even last till 12 noon???

One thing I've learnt from being in the entertainment industry is, unless you want SIA stewardess hair, any fashion catwalk hair with volume flattens after about 3 hours. Singapore is the 8th team to present, meaning chances of them presenting at 4pm is very high. The hair won't last 8 hours. Period.

"Can we not go for the hair styling and do our own hair instead?"
Good thinking. Luckily, they could. Wee!!!

Pandemonium in the room.

And we saw the South Korean team come back! Me being the ever-kiasu-discretely-kaypoh friend that I am, I went to snap pictures of what they got, just to, you know, check out the competition.

 BRANDED goods leh~
Our girls didn't buy a single branded item...except for DollyWink eyelashes and OPI nail polishes. 
If you even consider those as "Branded goods".

*don't know what to and whether to comment in case I kena beaten up. Some nationalities can be kinda fierce you know...*

Anyway, back to the girls!!!!

5 pairs of shoes, lots of accessories, and plenty of red and black...stuff. Lol~
The girls doing a video interview for Omy on their buys and shopping experience so that fans and supporters in Singapore can stay updated!

 Blur I know. I no ringlight, then never use flashlight.
This was what Nicole put together as her outfit. Not bad right?
I mean, just looking at the combination and everything, it looks good, yes?

 And this is Celeste's outfit, with the black crystallized heels.

 And here's Rachell sitting amidst the mess of things. Lol~

What happened???????

Upon seeing this, Celeste, Rachell and I just Burst. Out. Laughing.
We couldn't help it. Nicole looked so ridiculous it was mad funny!!!! Especially the red meshed leggings!!!!

Celeste "You look like clown lor!"
Nicole "Shit! I thought I had the better outfit! Now I look like clown! HOW? Lose already la!!!!"
Me and Rachell: *standing one side, laughing non-stop*

Celeste's outfit wasn't perfect at first too but hers only needed minor revamping and it wasn't exactly too deviated from the original. Plus she could handle her outfit revamp quite well so now all we had to do, was to "fix" Nicole.

Okay let's be serious... *eh hem*

This was a time of great crisis, as Nicole had thought that put together, the outfit would look incredible.
Now? Er...right. We need to do something major, fast.

Didn't help that this woman decided to go take a shower before trying on the outfit, so her hair was wet, her makeup and contact lenses removed, and she looked super ridiculously cute. Lol~

Me, Rachell and her bf, together with Celeste, started brainstorming and giving ideas on how to alter this "thing" to make it look from "Wah kao Simi Dai Ji?" to "WHOA!!!! Wee-ooo-weet!"

 Still can laugh.

Celeste looked on, amused. All this while she kept saying Nicole looked like a clown.
She must be thinking her sister's a joke. Lol~

 She looked absolutely stunning. Plus she went and teased her hair, and it ws instantaneous "Va-Va-Voom!!!!"
Her legs.... *lips tremble*
I want~~~~ *reaches out to grab in super drama style*
Her skin~~~~ *eyes with longing" So fair and tender I could die....

Why god you no fair?

Celeste said she had recently gained 7kg, and that she used to be skinnier....
*hides face in shame*
I want to lose 3 kg also difficult like mad, and I don't eat a lot leh! Why like this??????

She already looks so amazing with the extra 7kg... Imagine the figure minus the 7kg.
*drops dead*

Anyway, time to get to work!!! We decided to get rid of that black top inside her vest outside her silver top (Yah too many things!), and cut her red leggings super shortso that she can show off her legs. (She has nice legs too, and to keep it hidden under the hideous-looking tights were just too unjustifiable.)

Then still, it wasn't good enough. The red leggings-become-shorts were still kinda off, so we decided to wrap it up in the scarf Nicole decided to buy last minute (good thing they bought so many things!!!!! In the end they used almost everything!!!) We found an extra belt they bought too (not sure what they was for initially but who cares? They used it in the end too! LOL~!) and tied it around the scarf around the red legging-shorts.

 Hair up, I insisted. Must la! Got more Ooomph or not?
Come on, better than just now right???

*super proud of ourselves for the improvisation*

Though she's really kinda hot, I still think she got joker face. LOL!!!!
Well, when girls have fun together we tend to see each other in a different light from how the public sees us.

And Nicole's one of the funniest people I've ever met. A bit eccentric, a bit cute, kinda sexy, yet doesn't try too hard, and has personality. Naise~

 Nicole why your skin also so nice and smooth~~~

 The improved bottom. The feathery thing uesd to secure the scarf was initially a hairpiece lor!
I think we're good. Like really creative and resourceful. Lol~
Eh EVERY SINGLE THING, other than her bra, were from their shopping loot that day okay~ We are champions in our own rights already!

 Nicole is like 1.7m already (maybe taller, I dunno), and me and Rachell felt like dwarves standing next to her in her super high 7-inch heels! Celeste is also quite tall lor~

 That's the bathrobe she wanted to use in the beginning of her presentation!
Hot and sexy not?
Celeste and Nicole FTW!!!!!

Think they're gonna win? Check out the girls' final outfits turnout, and some other contestants' in my next Super Shopper post~


p/s. Random note. Why are short people termed "矮冬瓜" and not "矮西瓜" or "矮南瓜" huh?
Okay that's all. Ttyl bye!

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