Friday, 16 September 2011

Ad: My Heart's Desire

Looking for affordable work dresses but don't want to head out and shop?
Difficult to find them online?
I think you haven't been introduced to this blogshop:

They have like super a lot of clothes suitable for the office!

Their new collection:

If you're an office lady, fret not, they do have their range of clothes casual enough for Sunday Brunch!
 Which girl wants to look SO serious all the time, right?
Being a girl is all about being fun too! ^.^

 <3 these last 2 pieces pretty, yet it doesn't try too get what I mean??

If you happen to be in a company where you have to wear proper blouses and dresses/skirts/pants ALL THE TIME, I feel you. I was once there la not as an office girl, but during my training days as a cabin crew days. If you haven't heard, during training you have to wear formal attire every day, 8-5. No doubt it was just for that very first month, and subsequently only once in a short while after you graduate, it was hours don't work for me... (I get sleepy in the mornings and early afternoons...not productive...and I can't function properly...) So I'm quite happy where I am. Lol~

If only things such as "blogshops" existed then... (I don't think back in 2006 this blogshop thing has taken off yet...)
Formal wear don't come cheap in the malls....go to G2000 and you'll find that a nice decent shirt will already set you back about $50.

The dresses My Heart's Desire have kindly sponsored me? Both are less than $35 each. Beat that, shopping centre retail shops!

 Feeling all work-like.

 In the next few photos, ignore my poorly buckled belt. It's my own, and one hook came off la can? By the time I noticed it in the pictures I had already showered and removed my makeup and had limp hair...So I didn't retake the pictures... 



Happens a lot during work? I know. When you want to just shop online at your desk but you still have a deadline to complete...can be depressing...

 Boss sees your new dress and she goes "Nice dress, come into my office."

After you've gone in...

Boss: I like the new dresses you've been wearing. Where did you get them?
You: This? Blogshop called "My Heart's Desire".
Boss: I notice you've been shopping during office hours?
You: *quiet*
Boss: Nice choice of workwear. By the way, you're promoted. I like your style. Keep up the power-dressing.

Totally random right!!??? Yah I know! If only it happens like that in real life...
Maybe it might, who knows...

After promotion...
 What shall I do with that stupid fat biatch who kept trying to bootlick the boss and backstab me...?

 You (super commandingly): You! Yes you in that tiny cubicle beside what was once mine, I need a favour.
Fat Biatch: *buay gam wanly walks to you* What?
You: Help me take note of when My Heart's Desire is releasing their new collection. Let me know once you have the info yah? Thanks.
Fat Biatch: ...............

Take that! politics DO happen in every office, no? And don't we wish for scenarios like that all the time in OUR favour? LOLOL~

OR if not.... if the boss is single, cute.... *super eligible bachelor alert!*

 *Acting all O-L-ly*


Next dress is a simple striped workdress...

Sometimes less is more... ^.^

With a simple dress you can play it up any way you wish, and the look changes with each jacket/blazer you wear over it. You can even wear a long necklace and pair it with a nice high-waist belt for the after-work date! (You know, with that super eligible bachelor boss?)

Bookmark it in your laptop/iPad/iPhone ok? 

And "Like" them on their Facebook page so you'll always be updated of new collections! (Unless you REALLY have a colleague that you want to get back at and can order around to keep a lookout for
Yes I know work clothes can get waaaayyyy too repetitive so it helps to know when new collections of affordable and pretty workwear are released. ;)

 Go check out your new work wardrobe now~ ^.^

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