Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ad: JuicyLola

 Shopping time!!!!!

Honestly, with delicious blogshops like JuicyLola around, who needs to step out of the house to buy pretty clothes anymore?

Look what I found from this little treasure trove!

 The little black dress that saves you the need to accessorize. How convenient!

 I personally really really love this seemingly-innocent-sweet yet seductively sexy dress. If I were a size 6 with the ass and the legs, I would definitely pick this for sure!

Too bad I don't have either....*sobs~*

Guess I have a thing for deceptively-innocent items. "Good Girl"? 
Wait till she turns around~~~ Woo~~~~ *nosebleed!*

Tip: Wear a silicone stick-on bra for extra nosebleed factor. 
Because it'll look like you're not wearing anything underneath....

They've got pretty accessories that got me smitten too!

 My favourites were these small coin/key pouches! So pretty!!!!!

What I got from JuicyLola in the end?

You'd have thought I'd surely pick something naughty right?!!
Nope, figure in the works, so maybe in the future.... 

I thought this was simple and casual enough for everyday wear.
Hey if you're still clueless, I'm not exactly a party person. Wear pretty dresses and do housework ala Stepford Wives (or the Greek women) is more likely to be my thing. LOL~

 Attempting an Eva Longoria. FAIL!!!! LOL~
Why I no look sexy???

  Check out the braided straps!

 I like the fact that this dress comes with an extra layer underneath the dress, so you don't have to worry about your coloured underwear showing!

The other piece I got was this:

Sweet yet sexy, this one can go from work to date easily! Just wear a tube top inside for work, and a great maximizer push-up for that sexy date! Not TOO maximizer of course, you don't want to come across as trying too hard... *wink*

Tip: Tie the hair up. You want to showcase the ribbon details on the shoulder~ ;)

Sweet and Sexy your thing?

Quote "silverang" at checkout to get $2 off your purchases!

Hop over to JuicyLola like, NOW!

That Silver Girl


  1. your dimples are soooo sexy!!!

  2. 你看起来很憔悴 ,你还好吗?不要过度减肥。 。 。
    要注意健康喔 =)

  3. Sandy>> 应该是最近没睡好。不过都没在减肥哦,每次都越减越肥,都没冲劲去减了... Hur Hur~~~

  4. 你已经很漂亮了 ,尤其是你的眼睛和酒窝 。。 * 特 爱 *