Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ad: Bralistic

Girls, this one is for you. Boys, don't go away yet, you might have just gotten a Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend/wife...

Travellers anyone? I assume all of you are, yes? Even if you travel once a year, or once every 2 years. Studies show that people who take travel trips twice a year live longer as compared to those who travel once every 6 years....so go book that vacation if it's way overdue. No money? Nvm, don't need to go to Europe, book a 3D2N to Phuket or nearby Bintan also can.

My point is not the travelling though...it's associated. 

Tell me girls, any frustrations when you travel?

Okay period, yah that's 1. Super inconvenient I know... Somemore?  Forgetting to bring toiletries? Never mind lor, but when you get there lor.. Crumpled clothes? Mmmm okay true that too...that's kinda close actually...

Can get it right or not?





Nothing gets more annoying...especially since you spend so much money on them (bras don't come cheap, you should know by now).

Thanks to Bralistic, flattened bras? Nah~ NEVER going to happen again. And my bras are never going to be all over the luggage when I open it in the hotel room. YES!!!

Figured out what Bralistic is already? Yup it's a bra organizer bag! Perfect for travelling!!!!

See this girl and her super tidy luggage? That's what our bags should look like babes~ =D

Why didn't they have this when I was a stewardess?????? Would have made packing my bras & panties so much easier....

Never too late...I now have mine!!! 2 somemore!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!!!
Hey, who says I can't be a jetsetter after cabin crew life? I still travel okay? As a PASSENGER, and sometimes I don't even have to pay for airfare~~~(like the recent KL and Hong Kong trip!). 

I want to live a good long life, so I will still travel (at least) twice a year. ;)

Bralistic has got 2 types of bra bags - the Bra Bag, which holds only bras, and the All-In-One, which holds bras & underwear.

Meet Molly, the bra bag. ^.^ Isn't she pretty? 
She's got polka dots and lace! Both I like!!!!

She's authentic, so you will find the "Bralistic" label on the bag handle. 

She's flat at the back, so you can lie her flat inside your luggage. 
Notice how Molly has 2 straps like how a normal bra has?

And you open and close Molly just with the clips at the end of the "bra straps".

This is how the bra bag looks like on the inside. 
(Psst...Molly can hold up to 6 bras of up to 36C/32D cup size!!!!)

And this is Amelia, an All-In-One.
Amelia can fit UP TO 5 SETS OF BRAS (up to 36C cup) and PANTIES!!!

And Amelia on the interior.

How do you use the bra bags? Just pack la!
Really? You think it's so obvious? Like fold the panties into where the netting is and try to align the rounded parts of the bras into the 2 'holes', like this?

Looks a bit messy, don't you think?
Look what happens when you try to close the bag:

Your bras are going to be squished and the straps will be spilling out... -.-"

If you're stubborn and believe that this is the BEST way to pack, okay...fine...
I'm stubborn too, and I want to share what I discovered....

I'm packing my bras and panties in like this:

Doesn't it look neat?
(By the way yes, those are my new bras I mentioned in my August Haul video. \^.^/)

Yup, I folded my panties and put them into the netted compartment like how you would.
Then, what I did differently was I placed my bras OVER the netted compartment.

It's up to you how you prefer to pack, but look what happens when I try to close the bag this time:

Come on, you HAVE to agree that this looks so much better? YES??? 
Yah I think so too! *smiles at my creativity*

Then zip it up and we're ready to go into the luggage!

How about the bra bag? Same concept. Place the place face up on the flat side of the bra bag, like this:

And though this is just a bra bag, I found a way to pack my panties in!

See this? The cup of the bra?

You can fold your panties and pack them in the cups!!!
*brilliant stroke of genius*

 Neatly packed, all you have to do now is bring the rounded "cups" of the bra bag over...

 And place over the rounded cups of the bra! EASY?

Just snap on the buttons,

and she's ready to go into the luggage!

Dented, creased bras when you're on holiday? NO MORE!!! 
Beautifully rounded curves~~~mmm~~~

Every Bralistic bag will come with a cute little pouch, in case you're worried about your bra bags getting dirty. If not, you can always use it as a shoe bag, or a bag for clean or dirty laundry! So your clothes, clean or dirty, bras or panties will all have their own place in the luggag, and look neat.

 September Promotion!

Buy 1 and get the second piece at 50% off!
*50% discount applies to 2nd piece of equal or lower value.

Plus, buy 2 or more and you will enjoy free shipping!
(Regular Postage $3.50, Registered Mail $5.50 per piece)

Have a trip coming up? Weather in many countries are turning cool and nice~~~ ;) 

How about buying this as a Christmas gift? (It's already mid September mind you...come November everywhere will be be stocked with Xmas goods!) So when Xmas comes (sooner than you think) you don't have to run around everywhere squeezing with the crowds (and being elbowed and trampled on in the process) for gifts. Buy now, keep, and gift 3 months down. What a great idea~! *self-praising again*

 No trip? No one to buy Xmas gifts for? Just take advantage of the promotion while it's here then! Do we really need an excuse to shop, girls? You know it, when you need something, you won't find it (Out of stock perhaps?). Then you realize "Argh I should have bought it when I saw it then!"



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