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All Geared Up!!!!

29th August. We're at the airport at 6am, checking in our bags and getting ready for 

In case you're still lost and not sure what's happening, my team won the Singapore rounds of the HK Super Shopper contest. Yes, us - Nicole, Celeste, and their fashion blogger --> me. Proud not? Rachell, being the best presenter for the Singapore rounds, won herself a trip with us, so she's part of Team Singapore too!

Thank you so much Omy and Hong Kong Tourism Board!!!!!!! *MUACK!!!!*

We were all separated in the plane because we all checked in separately. Not sure how, because we had seats reserved together in the same row. When Celeste & Nicole checked in, their reserved seats were gone. 
Next time must remember to check in at least a day before the flight. ^.^

 The girls with their oh-so-colourful luggages at the Hong Kong International Airport.

 Rachell doing a "不要拍我!" paparazzi thing. 

The stars of the show: 

 One thing I have to say about Celeste: Her sense of style is amazing. She knows how to put together outfits just like that. For most of us (me) we'd have to go through a few outfit changes at home before finally looking decent. Celeste should be a professional stylist, IMO. Did I mention she's only 21?

 The media interviewing Nicole.

 That's Thailand beside us, Japan behind them, Australia behind Japan, and South Korea behind us.

 And China in the first row, Malaysia behind them, and Hong Kong beside Malaysia. 
U confused yet? Lol~

Okay here are the countries competiting for the winning prize of HK$200,000 (I'm hyperventilating already!!!):

Hong Kong
Mainland China
The Philippines
South Korea

Go SINGAPORE!!!!!!! (Who says we don't have Singapore Spirit huh?!!!)

Okay let's explain the contest mechanism. Each team will have to draw lots to get one of the following fashion themes:
  • Gearing Up for Outdoors (Sports & outdoor activities)
  • Dressing for Business Success (Workplace, business meetings, corporate functions)
  •   Dressing for a Special Occasion (Birthdays, weddings, cocktails)
  • Having a Great Night Out (Bay-hopping, dining out, partying, concerts, movies)
We prayed with all our might the girls get the last one, because that is so their thing!!!!!!
Of course they would do well whichever theme they got, because Celeste is just brilliant, but hey, you can dress so much more outrageously-glamourously with a great night out. ;)

The girls would be given HK$20,000 VISA credit (MAD jealous!!!!!!) to shop for 2 sets of outfits in 8 hours, one for each team member, based on the assigned theme. They can shop anywhere in Hong Kong, and everything presented would have to be bought with the given credit, including the clothes, jewellery, hair acessories, shoes, nail polish, scarves, and any other items which would complement the outfit and the presentation. No personal items are allowed (except their own bra and

The contest will kick off at 12noon the next day, and the teams will have to report back at the finishing point before 8pm, so they have 8 hours to shop.

They have 10 minutes to present the items in a runway show format, and other than presentation of the outfit, they have to describe their shopping itinerary and experience in English.

And the judging criteria?
  • Accomplishment of the assigned fashion theme - 20% (Not too difficult)
  • Creativity & Presentation of a New Fashion Look - 20% (They will nab this for sure)
  • Shopping Experience - 20%
  • Best Use of Money - 20% (Celeste is good with buying cheap things that look amazing!)
  • Compliance w Rules & Regulations - 20% (breakdown below)
                 No items of their own - 10%
                   Returning to finishing point before 8pm - 5%
                   Did not exceed the HK$20,000 credit limit - 5%

Everyone was given a crash course by a professional later in the afternoon, informed of the latest trends, and given tips and advice on fashion styling.

I don't want to be proud, but I'm glad the girls already have it. That sense of style. ;)

As I didn't sleep the night before the flight (still nursing a very bad cough and an impending fever) and we had to be at the airport by 6am, I was really looking forward to the hotel room and the bed that would welcome me with fluffy duvet and feather pillows....

While the rest of the team explored the Sky Observatory in the evening and viewed stars against the amazing Hong Kong night skyline, I was seeing stars in my own lala-land....

Till Day 2! Goodnight~


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