Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Launch of my Business

Yes, That Biker Chick will be launched tonight. 7pm. 

Hooray for all the female bikers! It's time we have the option of owning pretty helmets, isn't it?

Oh my god!!! After about almost a year of conceptualizing, brainstorming, sourcing, and really just getting my butt off the "idea" and really getting it to work, we are finally going to be launched tonight at 7pm! It's been a long journey, getting the business actually registered, flying overseas to actually look at the products so I can be sure that what I will be bringing to you are stuff I will actually buy myself, then getting the capital to actually making it work. *phew*

PSB-approval can be a long and tedious and expensive process. And being kinda new to this industry, we don't really know what the authorities are looking for, since helmets with DOT and Snell or ECE approval can sometimes fail PSB. Then we gotta find out how and fix the little things so that PSB actually gives us that little sticker you see behind PSB-approved helmets. 

Currently our helmets have not been PSB-approved (yet). We are working on getting PSB-approval for these helmets but that will take a while. After all, we do want riders and pillions to use our helmets with ease. Foreign bikers and pillions (eg Malaysian bikes), shop away~

Of course, if you're Singaporean and wish to collect these beautiful helmets, we won't stop you. ;)
Just so you know, the law says you may be fined $50 for using a helmet without PSB sticker.
If you want to use them, exercise discretion. Not that I know of anyone who has been stopped by TPs for wearing non-PSB-approved helmets.

I've been quite openly wearing one myself. Hey, if there are so many good reviews around the world and these helmets are used for racing overseas, I think I'm quite safe. ^.^

Then again, sources tell me TPs often stop riders outside BBDC (Bt Batok Driving Centre)  to check their helmets and licences (there are people who try to be funny by riding a Class 2A Bike to BBDC for their Class 2A lessons...)

That said, do note that if you are a learner rider, you are not allowed to wear non-PSB-approved helmets for lessons, or to go for your TP Test. What you do after you get your licence, er, no one can stop you, of course. Just make sure you are protected, somehow. Whatever it is, ride safe always! 

 What are you waiting for?
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Opening Special - 
Every helmet you buy from now till 15 August will get you a free Booklet of Motorcycle coupons!

 Just to thank you for your support. =)

That Biker Chick


  1. Best of luck to your business venture!!

  2. Good luck Silver.


  3. have emailed you, can't wait to get mine, was waiting since you posted the last time about it :)

  4. Best of luck to you! It's not easy sometimes, starting a business. It's a learning process that takes some training to get used to. There will be some ups and downs. But if it were impossible, then there wouldn't be any successful business now, would there?

    Enjoy the experience! Work hard to reach those goals that you seek. Good luck in your business endeavors!