Saturday, 2 July 2011

Pretty Fingers One More Time

I have so many updates lagging behind that I think I shall just start with what's most recent. Easier to manage this way. 

And what have I been lately? Okay more specifically, yesterday? ^.^

I'll give you a clue - 

See those nails?
YES I went to Milly's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eh I hardly get the chance to do super nice nails okay, because of the nature of the acting industry. You gotta be the character, and chances are, they want the nails to be plain. Just plain, neat, clean. Nothing fancy. So you can imagine my happiness when I (finally) went down to Milly's since December last year, to get my nails beautified. WOOHOOO!!!!!!!

 See that plaster there? I got a cut from the bark of a tree while doing a photoshoot earlier this week. C.L.U.M.S.Y...

 That's Gina taking care of my long-neglected tags. It's so embarrassing okay? When I got to Milly's I was staring at Gina herself and then looking all over the shop until I asked the girl next to Gina "Is Gina in?" 

Then she gave me a "what the hell" look and pointed to the girl next to her "Gina? Neh~"


You see, I last went to Milly's in December okay. And before that every time I go, Gina had short hair with a sexy fringe that covered half her forehead. 

This girl had longer hair, and the entire fringe all pinned up. So the hair really makes a difference.

AND THEN AND THEN!!!! Gina was doing my nails right? That's like half an hour of me sitting there chatting with the girls okay? And she mentioned something something Tina, referring to the girl doing hair extensions for another customer.

I froze. That edgy-haired girl is TINA????? My first set of nails done at Milly's, were by Gina AND Tina. And I especially loved Tina's flower art...

Nice right?!!! While Gina did a fantastic job at the extensions (the shape was GREAT) and the base colours, Tina was the one who chose this design for me, and crafted the flower petals! 

Unfortunately, that was only the first time I went to Milly's. The second time I went, I was told Tina had gone back to China. I was devastated okay. Luckily Gina was still around, but still, I couldn't help but feel a sense of loss...

Okay nvm, what matters now is TINA IS BACK!!!!!!!! WEEEE~~~~~~~~
In all my excitement I forgot to take a picture of her. But if you see this san-pee-por (imagine Qiuting-skinny) girl with short edgy hair, that's her. Gina's the one with the super big eyes and SUPER long (natural) eyelashes. 

Okay back to my nails...after a looooong time of flipping through the Nail Max magazines and still not being able to make up my mind, Gina decided to choose this one for me.

This one didn't excite me too much, but knowing Gina, she always has her own interpretation of each nail design, so I asked for her to do it her style, and change the colours to Tiffany Blue.

 Okay...still don't know what to expect. Only Gina has the design in her head. Lol.
I didn't do extensions this time because thank god, for some reason, my nails have managed to grow to a nice long enough length for doing decent nail art. Too short nails can never achieve that, cos there's not enough "canvas" for drawing!

 AH! A cute little ribbon on top made a hell lot of difference!!!! Now my pinky looks happy!

Waiting for the ribbon to dry. 
It's acrylic. And Gina moulded it using acrylic powder and monomer. She's got good skill with the brush. ;)

So well, I chatted on the phone a bit, played with my iPad 2 a bit (recently got very hooked on this game called Vegas Towers...damn addictive, plus it was free!), chatted with the other girls a bit, and my nails were done! Took less than 2 hours!

I feel so pretty~~~

See what I told you about Gina's work?
From this:

To this:
Bear in mind the original design chosen was in pink. Gina is gooooood.
 Oh I'm in love with my happy nails~!! Don't they look cheerful?
Plus they're in one of fave colours~ AH~~ ^.^

Okay you got to put up with me cos the following is a long list of camwhore shots...

This picture would have been cute if not for all the 猪肉 hanging behind in the background...

Now I even feel pretty when I'm naked. I mean, I already did, of course, but I feel more glamourous naked now. *wink*

I decided not to put up the price list because each time it just keeps getting cheaper. They do hair extensions, eyelashes extensions (I saw this girl come out with really natural looking loooong full lashes!), and of course nails. Where to find them? You still don't know? Look for the Milly's banner at my sidebar, under sponsors. 

Make your appointment now~ Don't need to wait until prom or some dinner and dance okay. Having chio nails for no reason ups your confidence factor by a few notches, I can vouch for that.

Talk to you later! *waves my manicured nails*


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