Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I'm Eurasian.

 Guess what I look like?

 No la I don't look like a dog, though people have told me that Alton does look like me, somehow. =D

I brought Alton to Pet Lovers' for his grooming today (his first ever at PL), and the first question the Chinese girl in the grooming area asked me was "Are you Chinese?"

I don't look Chinese? I don't know. What race do I look like? I've been told I don't look Singaporean (Hong Konger, Japanese, Indonesian, anything but local) and I always wondered how a Singaporean's supposed to look like. Then when I was younger, fellow Malay kids at the playground would speak to me in Malay instead of English, so I supposed I look Malay or Nonya-ish to some too. A recent trip to KL had a few Malaysian Malays speaking to me in Melayu and not believing that I was Chinese too... Hmm.... Oh well...

"Yup I'm Chinese."

"I thought maybe like one of your parents is Chinese then the other is not, cos you look a bit mixed blood, like Eurasian."

I do???? I DO???? I look Eurasian??? Not Malay? BUT EURASIAN???? OMG!!! Earlier today I had gone to Pink Parlour at Far East Plaza to get my Brazilian done, and the Filipina who did my waxing also asked if I am Chinese or Eurasian!!!!!!

I'll take it as a complement, because from what I know, Ang Mohs + Asians have been known to produce really beautiful babies... I'm sure you know right? ;)

Yes, Devon Aoki, though she still looks very much Japanese, is Eurasian. And a very sexy one at that...

1/2 Chinese-Hawaiian, 1/2 Caucasian American
 OMG did you know this guy is Eurasian??? *near orgasm* He's so charming I could die at his feet...while pretending to look like I'm not particularly impressed #hangupandsell (吊起来卖)

 Nicole Scherzinger (yes that's her name, the lead singer of Pussycat Dolls). She is part Filipino and part Hawaiian/Russian. One of my favourite singers...she's got the height, the body, the moves, and she can sing. Hell I wanna be like her...but I've failed in the vertical challenge already. *sobs*

Kristin Kreuk!!!! I'm a fan of this one too! So sweet and pretty-looking!

There was a time when Smallville was really big, and during then I had an ex-boyfriend who used to say Kristin Kreuk reminds him of me. ^.^
She's really pretty, and I'm really honoured to be reminded of that way.
She's 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 Dutch. And me? 1/2 Chinese and 1/ 


Vanessa Hudgens. Her father is of Irish and Native American descent, and her mother is of Chinese-Filipino-Spanish descent. Whoa that's VERY mixed blood. And look what happened - CHIO~~~

 I purposely chose this picture because she had bangs in this one, like me!!!!


 Maggie Q -  Her father  is an American of Irish and Polish descent, and her mother is Vietnamese.

 Cecilia Cheung. Her dad's Cantonese and her mum's half Cantonese-half British mother. So her mum's Eurasian. Which means there is 1/4 Ang Moh blood in her, so that makes her Eurasian too! Bet you didn't know that!

Okay how about something closer to home?

Jean Danker, probably the most recognised local Eurasian. ^.^

Supermodel Nadya Hutagalung, is Eurasian...

DENISE KELLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's HAWT!!!

So I suppose looking like I have mixed parentage means it's a good thing? Well I did have people asking me if I'm pure Chinese before, but having 2 different comment in one day? The 2 girls just made my day wonderful~

 Pure Chinese looking like mixed. Pirated Eurasian?

Love me? Hate me? *pouts*

That being said, I am absolutely proud of the fact that I am born Chinese in Singapore. Just the food here makes it all worthwhile.....Chilli Crab, Rojak, Chicken Rice, Mee Hoon Kway, Mee Siam, Laksa, Chwee Kueh, Wanton Mee...heck, Asian food just rocks balls man!!!!



  1. I have people forever asking me whether I am Singaporean anot *lols* some even asked:"do you speak chinese?" =.="

    I have been called Malay, Eurasian, Russian, American HAHAHAHAHA! damn weird~ wonder how they determine how pure chinese or singaporean looks like!

    But recently i found out I am mix! My paternal grandma is mixed and my dad has brown eyes! Mayb u can check your grandparents side HAHAHAHA!

  2. I notice Malaysians and Singaporeans are obsessed with Eurasians (which incidentally is a word only commonly used in those countries). Why the obsession with looking ang moh? Must be a hangover from the colonial days.

    Is this one reason why Asian girls try so hard to keep their skin fair? It doesn't work though. They will never have that English Rose glow, no matter how fair they are. They just look... yellow and sickly.

    You don't look Eurasian but this doesn't mean you aren't attactive. You're beautiful as you are - a pure Chinese!

  3. Speaking as a guy here so it may not be so relevant but some people think o'm Jap bcos of my eyes(?) which is ironic really since I'm actually learning the language but when you speak to me in Jap:

    1. Will know that my Jap fail
    2.that i'm definitely not Jap.



  4. u look like Agnes Monica, an Indonesian artise, in some of your photos. watever it is, u are beautiful the way u are, cheers!

    1. I don't see that. I think Agnes Monica looks really Eurasian, but this pretty lady looks very Chinese.

  5. Haha ur face look a little like Tiz Zaqyah.

  6. Not all Eurasians pretty leh. The two Eurasians in my office look overweight and yucks...

    You looked wonderful. Better than any Eurasian or Chinese that I know. And probably 10,000 times more beautiful that Devon Aoki

    Stephen KH

  7. June says "Ï notice Malaysians and Singaporeans are obsessed with Eurasians (which incidentally is a word only commonly used in those countries). Why the obsession with looking ang moh? Must be a hangover from the colonial days."

    The truth is Malaysians in general of all races are obsessed about race. Notice that there is UMNO & PAS for Malays, MCA for Chinese & MIC for Indians. There is no (political) party for Eurasians! So what do Eurasians do? Party!!! And get their pics taken and put up with a lot of racism and other idiotic comments.

    Most Eurasians stick out as a sore thumb in Malaysia and Singapore and hence they tend to be targets whether of admiration or riducule, it just depends on the attitude of the non-Eurasian making the comment.

    In the West, usually Eurasians are seen more as Asians than Europeans and are simply bunched with other Asians. That's the typical attitude of most Westerners (i.e. quite different attitude from most Malaysians and Singaporeans who often see Eurasians as bunched with Europeans or if they have dark skin then Indians).

  8. I don't think you look anywhere near to looking mix. I can definately tell you are pure asian.

  9. Hmmm, don't look like Kristin Kreuk at all, but you do look very Malayish mixed. Remind me of Cheryl Desiree Chan to be honest!

  10. Coming from a Eurasian, you really do not look Eurasian to me. You look Chinese. But you are very cute.

  11. Actually you look a lot like my roommate who was Taiwanese. She had the bangs, your hairstyle, and everything too! I thought she was very pretty.

  12. You look very Asian, very Chinese. It's just the makeup and contact lens, that's why.

    It's quote wonderful to know that you are proud of your race and to be pure at that. I find it baffling that some "Eurasians" in Singapore love to say it upfront that they are "Eurasian" and proud to be such, even though they are not even asked. Some "Eurasians" don't look no where near mixed. I mean sure part of being Eurasian is Asian... but with more Asian blood and way less European blood (25% and less), it pretty much is ridiculous to put a disclaimer on it. Just to feel special? To feel different and unique? Does that make one feel like a demigod?

    I understand that there should be a degree of pride for that very, very diluted European blood. But to strongly associate one's self with that European ancestry? Very silly. Traditions and cultural aspect of that European ancestry is more or less just hearsay now for those kind of "Eurasians." Some of them even just got their information and whatnot from the Eurasian community.

    I read an article from a Happa in Singapore. She looks very Caucasian and yet she is so proud to be Chinese. I think her Chinese mum solely raised her and since she does not know much about her European ancestry, she just left it at that. She didn't feel the need to dig up on her European heritage (or but it in rather) and is pretty much contented to say out loud that she's proud to be Chinese and proud to be Singaporean.

  13. I know that this has been written quite some time ago but I am reading through your older entries atm, and came across this one.
    I personally do not think you look Eurasian at all when you are stripped of make up and all other stuff, but what is wrong with looking Asian? You are beautiful and trust me, here in Europe, you would be envied for your "exotic" looks and delicate features. Most Asian women are small and/or very slim and females here hate that and are jealous, especially since many of our men go bonkers over Asians.
    Beauty does not manifest in a certain look/race, beauty comes in all shapes and features. We can change many things about us, but we cannot change our basic body and bone structures and our race, so accepting who and what we are and making sure we enhance our good features and treats with pride will probably make our lives much much easier than constantly trying to achieve a look that is not "us".
    I am a typical Western European, 1/2 German, 1/4 Polish and a 1/4 French. I had an hourglass figure at 9 already and mega boobs at 11 while everyone was still flat as a pancake. I also have a yellowish skin untertone with dark circles and scars from teen acne. My hair is thick and wavy and unruly and no matter what I do with it, it looks as if I put my finger into an electric plug if I don't groom it properly. I hated myself for years when I was young but slowly I came to accept and love myself. I cannot change me, I can never be a skinny minny unless I starve myself, I just have to accept my hips and thighs and boobs and make the best of it.
    Please don't beat yourself up. Yes, be proud and enhance your beauty. Because you are beautiful - a beautiful Asian woman.
    That being said, next year I will go to Singapore on vacation, I am just so curious about everything there. Chicken Rice? Chili crabs? Fish head curry? The heat and humidity? Malaysia across the bridge? Orchard Road? Yes, please :)

  14. Austronesian Family = Malay, Indonesian, Filipino , Mouri , Fijian , Hawaiian , Madacascar and other ethnics. they came from same roots.

  15. You don't look eurasian to me. And nothing like the actresses above BUT you are very beautiful yourself (even more beautiful than Vanessa Hudgens, IMHO who is nothing special) Just be proud of your culture and ethnia. I am mixed and multicultural and I envy those who have a defined cultural background and know who they are. It feels horrible to be a mutt (at least to me). As a mixed person you may be good looking (I am told I am beautiful and exotic blah blah) but it sucks because physical appearance is not that important anyway. There are things that are more essential in life.