Saturday, 23 July 2011

Good Luck to All at Singapore Blog Awards 2011!

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 happens at 14:00hrs today at Shanghai Dolly~!!!

Theme? Historical Figures.

I honestly don't have anybody who died whom I really wanted to go as, other than perhaps Anita Mui, but I don't have the outfit (it's with the Chen sisters), probably an inspiration block or something, so I'll just go as...erm...myself. 

Last year I had an interesting outfit though. Remember what I wore? ;)

Cool huh? I had it specially made (credits to Kit and Jessica) to represent SILVER. ;)

This year I shall just be simple. 

Anyways, here's wishing good luck to all those who need it, at the Singapore Blog Awards 2011! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone will be wearing later~ Samsui women? Mr Pringles? Maozedong? Ong Teng Cheong? Leslie Cheung? Coolie? Hey coolie sounds quite cool u know (no pun intended), just wear a singlet and old black pants, folded up to 3/4 length, complete with black ah pek slippers. Add the long braid for effect and you have a fairly comfortable outfit, plus you can sit with one leg up on the edge of the chair for characterization. Too bad I'm female....

To all those who are heading there now, SEE YOU LATER!!!! *MUACKS!*


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