Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A-Little-Past-Quarter Life Crisis

Or maybe it's 1/3-life crisis, since the average Singapore is expected to live till about 80. Until I wrote that last sentence I had never panicked about life and dying and all that depressing dark stuff before. After all, I'm still just a little girl who gets asked for her ID almost every single time she enters a club. (Although that itself doesn't happen often enough..) And I keep getting younger and younger. ;)

Don't argue. I am.

Am in Cambodia, sitting in my room, looonging so much to blog since I haven't talked to you guys in AGES~ I really should get on top of my blogging, and I do remember promising you guys I'll blog once every 3 days (though that hasn't been happening for the past 2 months since you-know-what-happened. Oh well. Life's back to normal, and is better than ever before. I'm a surviver. And a cute one at that. ^.^ (DON'T roll your eyes. I see you...)

Dying to tell you guys about Cambodia, but I think I really should start going way back into posts I should've done long ago, and try to catch up to this one about Cambodia...(won't be in chronological the sequence of events won't be blogged according to date).

My BiRThDaY!!!!!  
(Oh come on, admit it, you guys have typed in this manner before back in the good old days in school. Even those in school should be able to relate to the Caps-lowercase-uppercase-lowercase syndrome.)

I didn't really celebrate my birthday this year with a party or anything, but I did give myself the best gift ever - my helmets have arrived in Singapore!!!!! That means you pretty ladies with motorbikes or have motorbiker-boyfriends can start rejoicing! You'll soon have pretty helmets to wear~ great quality, chio graphics that are NOT garang, with many vents to keep your head cool, and super value for money (you will definitely agree once you see them!). And oh, they come with speaker pockets too~~~ Curious what that's about? I'll tell you guys about it later on in a separate post!

Yup, so my helmets arrived. Happy occasion. So I spent some time being chirpy that day about it. Next, I visited Comb at Shunji Matsuo, Wisma (inside Isetan, basement 1). Ever since Vyjayanthi, I have never had the chance to cut my hair because I need to keep it the same way throughout the show, and even before Vyjayanthi wrapped I started "PK Love:, so that same hairstyle stuck, and then "U.M.M.I 2" started before "PK" ended, and during "U.M.M.I 2" I started doing a new kids' programme "Little Wwoofers". -.-" FINALLY all my shows have wrapped, and I figured I really should change my hair before this travel-edu-tainment show starts work.

From this... I actually do still love the style, but I've had it for so long I needed a change. Change is good sometimes, yah? Especially since everything seems like a new phase of life for me, my hair shall have a new image too. ;) Must one whole package one ma...才会叫“焕然一新”~

 I tweeted about feeling like Phyllis Quek in the Prominous advertisement. Lol. 
(P.s. If you're not following my tweets yet you can do so here~)

Goodbye my lover~ Goodbye my hair~ You have been the one~~ You have been the one for me~~~ *sampat*

And my new hair!!!!



What? Not nice meh? Just the brows issue gotta fix...

Hahnah~~~ Bluff you one la! I still love my long hair, though this look's quite fresh, and very different from what I'm used to. Plus, I look LOADS younger! Macam teenager leh! So funky!!!!

One girl, so many different looks. Please tell me I'm versatile. ;)

Yes I am very happy with my bangs, obviously. New look for a new year of my life!

Oh if you noticed, the dress I'm wearing and the dress I wore in the first picture as well as in the last post, THEY ARE THE SAME DRESS!!!! Just worn differently. Check out The Design Closet for more designs! Very wu hua lor, one dress can have so many different looks, so it's like I own many different dresses of the same print~ ;)

Any particular celebration? Mmmm...not really. Mum bought me Chong Pang Nasi Lemak for dinner (yah I grand right? LOL!!!), and I later had supper with my godpa, affectionately known as Uncle Chia or Ah Chia. I call him Laopa of course. 

His birthday, incidentally, falls on the 4th June, just a day after mine, so we decided on a twin-celebration
 dinner at Blk 827 Tampines Street 81. (Yes another 'atas' affair. ^.^ Eh...I got neighbourhood streak also hor!)

Us with our birthday cake!

If some of you find him familiar, he's one of the bus drivers working for Mediacorp.

And knowing I love crab, he specially ordered the delicacy for me, and had asked the cooks to keep aside 2 crabs and cook them only after I've arrived, so that the dish will be piping hot~ So sweet right? And ever so considerate. =D

The highlight dish of my birthday! (NOT the cake! LOL!!!)

Another highlight - my birthday presents!!!!

 First gift of the day (or at least it was supposed to be the first since it was attempted to be delivered at 10:27am but I think I didn't hear the doorbell nor the phone ring...)

This one made me smile. Flowers really can brighten up a girl's day you know? But that's only if it's from a guy she likes, or someone dear, like a mother, daughter, good girlfriend...etc. Not everyone who gives flowers will deliver the same effect, but if it's from someone dear, it is sure to be appreciated.

Yes, even by girls who claim they don't want to receive flowers (unless it's a genuine allergy to them).

 多美丽的玫瑰花~  多可爱的玫瑰花~~ 我就这样深深~爱上它~~~~~ (乌~乌喔噢~~)

 Laneige Water Bank Kit! This came in really useful for my Cambodia trip! Given to me by my ever-so-细心 hairstylist Comb. So sweet~~~~

 Toner, emulsion, cream, water bank, and eye gel. My facial care regime is complete. ;)

In the middle of the afternoon (when I'm not home..sheesh), came another parcel (which reached me after redelivery the morning after):
From the great guys at KORLANE!!!!

A whole set of outfit wor~~~

Looks like an ordinary cosmetics pouch until you take a closer look...

It's a bankbook pocket! But I used it as a travel document carrier. Useful for carrying my passport, my air tickets, and the angpows my grandpa gave me for a safe journey. ^.^

Check out for more of their items!

So far so good, yes? Mmmm~~~ THEN comes the bestest present, because it's from someone nearest and dearest, and who loves me no matter what, and will never give up that love for anything in the world....

Presenting to you the prezzie from my Mummy~~~

Aiyoh I'm so excited!!!!! *giggles*

Heheehee!!!! You see that thing in the middle? See not see not?????!!!


I got an iPad 2 I got an iPad 2 I got an iPad 2 I got an iPad 2!!!! Means I can tweet and blog and do all my work on the go!!! And I can go for shoots and not have to worry about in-between-scenes waiting time! Weee~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you see that??? ^.^
It's white, don't worry. Just yellow lighting.

Okay I shall stop acting swakoo and...compose. *adjusts hair and dress*

There, I am now part of the Cool Bloggers' Club - CBC. I can blog ON THE GO! Let's hope that means you'll see more entries from me, shall we? *winks*

Till then!
 Happy 26th Pretty Babe!

Crisis? What crisis? Life just keeps getting better. ;)


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  1. uncle chia... hehehe... so long never see him... - ari (APO at mediacorp)