Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ad: The Design Closet (And My Manja Feature)

If you had followed my tweets, you would have known that I was in the May issue of Manja Magazine. That's a local Malay publication, for the other races that are unaware. It's like our  8-Days, or I-Weekly, or U-Weekly, except that it's a monthly publication. I know I should have blogged about this long ago so you guys can go buy the magazine, but I've been taking time off to recover my life properly, so anyway, here it is, after almost 2 months. The issue was released mid-April, and honestly, though I can't understand much of it (faham sikit hanya), I bought the magazine anyway. 

Those who didn't get to buy the magazine, erm...never mind lah. Later I show you k?

The shoot was done in Little India, and I wore a dress by The Design Closet

Special thanks to them for this lovely dress. I've worn it in more ways than one! Show you more later~

Think a simple shoot looks easy? The garlands which I were holding onto had A LOT OF BEES flying in and out of them!!!! And I had to stick my head through~ 怕~~~~又要表现得不怕~ (scared but I've got to pretend I'm not...)

That's me in the background looking retarded and cramped while she enjoys herself snapping away while helping me hold the reflector (that's for reflecting light onto my face from elsewhere when lighting on my face is insufficient).

All for this final shot that you see in the magazine:

And it's a wrap!

So far I've worn the dress a few ways...

Of course there are more ways to wear this dress:

The dress comes in solid colours too

 I really think this dress is a must-have. Plus, it costs only $30 for the solid colour and $28 for the prints. 
Dan see mee? Go get one already! (WAH it rhymes!!! Okok lame.... -.-")

I wore another of their dress for Mothers' Day dinner with Mummy and Ah Ma. 
(Don't mind the pen in my hair. I was hot and needed a quick fix and I only had a pen with me. Too paiseh to ask for a chopstick from the restaurant to stick into my hair.)

 It's a sweet colour, plus it's a simple, not-too-fussy kinda dress. 

 Remind me to clean my mirror. =P
 If you've not-so-broad shoulders (I have really broad, straight ones...) you can wear the dress off-shoulder. ^.^ I like!
 The Design Closet has a lot of nice clothes from their past collections (some are on half-price sale!!!) as well as their current one.

And they also have clothes suitable for the office!

 Attending a function? Also have!!!!

Go check out The Design Closets NOW!!!!


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  1. ur not even fat frm any angle. u dont even have knee fats. u got the perfect body.