Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Overdue! Overdue!!! Okay I really should get started on all the posts I should have done long ago, but have put aside to mend my wounds, inside and out. Those who love me should know la huh~

Anyway anyway~ *flicks hand casually*, for those of you who have watched Tamizha Tamizha, here are some of the behind-the-scenes shots. For those who missed it, or have no idea what Tamizha Tamizha is, it's a Tamil variety live show promoting the Tamil Language. It's pronounced as Tamila Tamila by the way...

Of course, it was aired on Vasantham, so I wouldn't be expecting my Chinese or Malay readers to know...Nevertheless, Xinmsn has it in their database. And I'm nice enough to have it posted right here in my blog....You may watch it here.

Or, for the lazier lot of you...老娘心情还算不错~~~看在你们常来光顾的份上,I shall make life easy for you:

<br/><a href="" target="_new"title="2011">Video: 2011</a>

Watch my little performance from 42:50 onwards. ;)
Song's called Otha Sollala if you wanna know. 
P/s. Go watch the Youtube video MTV, it's actually kinda cute. Otha Sollala from the movie Aadukalam.

Bit by bit, I'm starting to miss wearing Indian costumes. They are just soooo nice~!!! The beads, the jewellery on the head, face, ears, hair, hands, the dresses, everything~

The makeup was theeeeeck~ Not the kinda makeup I'm used to, but I gotta admit it was very nicely done...

 Unphotoshopped. Nice?

I don't really know that much about the Indian culture to understand what the markings at the outer corners of my eye and those under my chin mean, but the choreographer of the dance drew it on for me, so it should mean something...Decipher for me, anyone?

 Here's a close-up of the costume. 

 All these things on my face and head got me a little dizzy at first cos they were so heavy, but I got used to it after a while. The one on my nose was a tad uncomfortable for me. It felt like I constantly have a huge pi sai in my nose. And for those who don't know, Indian earrings are thick. I mean the stud part which goes through your earring hole. T.H.I.C.K. I first realized it when I was filmingVyjayanthi, that a lot of the earring which they gave me, I couldn't wear, simply because the thing couldn't go through the hole, no matter how hard I pushed. Most of the earrings we see in shops which sell ear jewellery fit my ears nicely, but these were about the thichness of about 2 of those. Yup. You heard me.

Oh well, trivia. ;)

 Tamil's actually quite a beautiful language to learn, much like Chinese, except that it's really not easy to pick up. Sponsor me Tamil classes already, Vasantham? *eh hem~* Then I can actively take on speaking roles in Vasantham~ ^.^ Or if not, even singing one of the songs for a Tamil drama would be nice...

Tamil Pesovum~



  1. you are gorgeous silver, love how you look in a sari!

  2. Wow are you look like a Tamil girl. Many tamil girls do not understand the value of a saree. Really These kinds of posts are encourage to learn Tamil Education all over world.