Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New Video!!! (Grenade)

Was at home randomly watching youtube videos when I had the sudden urge to do a cover...

Thing was, I haven't been listening to enough songs to actually be familiar with any new ones...thus...


It's 5am, and I'd spent the last 3 hours singing non-stop trying to get songs right. I have, in the end, chosen to do Grenade by Bruno Mars. Here are like, 4 renditions...I'm gonna let you guys decide which one I should upload onto Youtube ultimately as THE Grenade Cover by Silver Ang.
1: The first take...

2. The first 2 takes were not the complete song, cos I couldn't get the next verse right...lol~ But I thought the 2nd take was nice, in terms of visuals and sound quality:

3. The very first successful complete song. Not the best attempt leh..but hello, 4am la, everyone need to koon, plus I'm still recovering from my sore throat and fever...lazy to keep attempting...

4: This one I attempted with a different tone of voice:

How how how??? Which one should I allow to represent me? Lol~ Out there there're damn superb Youtube artistes, and the least I need is to lao kui....you know what I mean right? Yes you do, my readers all very smart~

Tell me your choice by leaving a comment! ;)

You Know I'll Do Anything For Ya~~~Oo~oooo~oh~


  1. Number 3! Your voice in the first two sounds very forced haha. Good job in number 3 though :)

  2. Haha I like number 3 as well! The front part was really good! Great job! :)

    <3 Belly B

  3. Hey Silver, It's gotta be number 3.


  4. ELLO.

    i find the take 1 best!

    PS. u look like Cai Ai Jia from certain angle. =P


  5. 1st one: Facial Expression not synchronize with verse.

    2nd one: Sligtly Better,Facial Expression there,but not enough of emotions.

    3rd one:frowning too much,you look damn tired.

    4th one: super tired mode liao,too forceful in changing tone and expression.

    Final Conclusion: 1st take+2nd take would do well.

    Overall:2nd video looks natural,relax,expression there.

  6. Silver,

    What a nice voice!
    There are parts of version 3 & 4 that together would be great.

    If you can voice lessons, there is great potential for you!

    Take a bow!!!!


  7. You're forcing it abit too hard...english songs doesn't suit u obviously...;)

  8. you sound like u are going to cry. >< i think u sing chinese songs better.

  9. agree. you sound weird in all.

  10. singer had a hard time...so are the listeners....

  11. @ Anonymous: "Anonymous said...
    singer had a hard time...so are the listeners.... "

    seriously I don't think it was that bad. be nicer to her pls.

  12. Sounds like the comments come from the same person. Same kinda writing, same kinda poor grammar. --> singer had a hard time, so ARE the listeners? Want to comment about someone, make sure you don't have anything that can be commented on.

    You got something against me, obviously. Oh well, can't please everyone. Not sorry about that, it's the way it is. Have a nice day, ANONYMOUSES. ^.^

  13. I think you better record a new video after your sore throat is okay. Sounds like your throat very painful.