Monday, 9 May 2011

I Miss Being A Blogger

Technically speaking, I still write on my blog, so I'm still considered one, but not like how it used to be, if you know what I mean. Back a year ago, I was actively writing random musings, daily events, interesting snippets...until like maybe November onwards? That was when filming for Vyjayanthi started, and I found out I can't really act and blog at the same time. Can, of course, but content-wise...well it just doesn't cut it. I found myself tired after I got home, having to do so many other things before I get the chance to really sit down at the laptop and write crappy nonsense.

I miss that. All the verbal diarrhoea that comes to me for hours on end so much so that one post took an average of 4 hours, plus picture-editing and all.

I miss acting all silly and bimbotic on my blog. It's where I can be myself, happy, sad, a bit crazy, a bit erratic, a bit random, and of course, silly and bimbotic. I guess you guys have been seeing the work side of me more recently, with all the behind-the-scenes stuff, and of course, the serious and not so happy side. I think my fun-ness is coming back though. I can't stay sad for too long, because I know I need to pick ymself up, for all of you. Stay tuned guys - the bubbly girl is coming back! ;)

I miss going for all the events that as a blogger I got to attend, previews on the latest, the coolest, the wow. Meeting other fellow like-minded people whom I can sampat with. And then spending a shitload of time having to blog about these events. Because of my filming schedules, I stopped going for these events, because, well, either I couldn't make it, or I couldn't promise them I will blog on time. Gradually, until I think these people stopped inviting me cos they will just assume I won't come.

*emo moment, sobs a tear*

Eh hem~ *scurries around for a tissue* I still love blogging okay. And you know what? My time to blog has come again!!!! Wee~~!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love acting and the stage and all that stuff, but blogging has become a love I don't know how to let go of. One thing you all should know about me is: Once I love, I don't stop that easily. Though I feel a bit out of touch, you know, like how I used to get inspiration from anywhere? I'm trying to get that back. And I will lor, just you watch me. Hiak hiak hiak~ I'm back to conquer the blogosphere~~~ *evades stones and eggs and slippers* Eh what? Cannot gong dua wei issit? This is my blog. Don't like go far far okay?
I'm rekindling that fire, and nothing's going to stop me now...

The Come-Back Blogger (mini) Celebrity (wah lao bhb until I want to hide my face)
That Silver Girl. *wink*


  1. Ganbatte ne Miss Ang~ ^^ kekex~
    - Jones

  2. Silver,

    With your own blog you are still available to the world.

    That last come "hither" photo is awesome. Being a celebrity does limit your time for blogging, and that comes down to what is a priority for you!

    BTW, not all of your readers are multi-lingual and when you post something other than english you lose us on those post.

    Best of luck with all your endeavors!

  3. YAY I enjoy reading your blog!
    We WELCOME the bubbly Silver back! :D

    - 美美

  4. u look beautiful! welcome back :)