Thursday, 26 May 2011

Greetings from Hong Kong!!!

Hey hey hey!!! How have my darling readers been doing? Hope you're not feeling too neglected? I know I know, I just took off to Hong Kong like that...but well, I guess I sorta needed a getaway~ More trips for me next month, but they're work, so can't be helped. Good news is, I'll be back tonight! You might just hear from me again tomorrow evening~ ^.^

My camera battery charger died on me, because just before the trip my room's aircon leaked while I was in the shower, and when I came out, my charger, which was EXACTLY UNDERNEATH where it leaked, was flooded. Think that's gone. Need to get a new Canon charger. Didn't buy one here because I could (Thank god) still rely on Cheryl's camera(s) ...(yah...she brought 2....kiasu ttm)

Not many pictures from me now since I gotta wait for her to burn them all into a disc for me (her files were tooo too too too too tooooooo huge), but since you're here, and I'm here (finally logged in because there is no free internet and not much time for me to really use the internet anyway), I shall give you a sneak peak...

You're gonna laugh at us...but I don't care...

Just be prepared for a super tak glam picture...

Okay, here it comes....


See you back in Singapore darlings!


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  1. i saw your vampire look in playlove. i think it's cool! ;-)