Friday, 29 April 2011

Shu Uemura - Mika Ninagawa Collection

This post is so overdue, and I apologise for the 1 month lag because my life is so dramatic so many things can happen in a month you know? Yeah I'm sure by now you know.

Remember the Shu Uemura event I mentioned some time ago? For those who were there you would have seen me bare without makeup. *shudders*

Prior to that, the babes from Shu Uemura have already sent me some of their products for trial~

 Cute ribbons with Shu Uemura branding!

 The new Mika Ninagawa collection!

 Thanks Shu Uemura!

This is one of Shu Uemura's star products - The White Recovery EX Cleansing Oil. Actually all their cleansing oils sell very well~ Are you a user? I found out many of my friends are~

 The highlight! UV-Base Mousse!

The EVENT PROPER!!!! How many of you were there to support me?!!! 

I was caught by how they managed to make the place look SO pink and flowery!!!

The GIANT UV-Base mousse. ^.^

Aha~~~ Spotted! This lady in blue? She's some big shot, though she doesn't look like it. (Usually big shots don't look like big shots's the wannabe big shots that
Don't play play...this woman is the director for...

Point of Entry!!!!!

Refreshments on the house! Pretty cupcakes~ Can u recall the days when cupcakes were 

Trying to do cherry blossom origami...

Yah it's me without makeup. Don't scream. It's just me. -.-"

Time to get onto the pedestal...okay PLATFORM... For all to see, Silver Ang, naked-faced~ 

Check out the crowd. It's always a good idea to NOT have oily hair even when you're out shopping, cos you never know where some random photographer's going to take pictures from...

 Phototaking session with the shoppers and Shu fans~ That's Gin!

 With the wonderful staff from Shu Uemura~ Take 1 - 假正经...

 开心一点啦!!!Take 2...
(Psst...I think the girl on the far left is so pretty...she's single I think... Very chio right?)

These are limited editions, and I heard the UV Base Mousse is one of Shu's star products. Have you gotten yours yet? ;)



  1. hi silver
    ur complexion is great even without makeup
    mind sharing tips or ur cleansing routine?

  2. lovely dear ~ ^^

  3. not sure if this is the best advice from one girl to another. i've been in a situation where my (ex)boyfriend cheated on me time and again for 3 years. i thought it would end after the first one, but people say a leopard never changes its spots. it is true. i hope somewhere deep inside, you will find the courage to leave him and start anew. once a cup is broken, you can try your best to mend it but the cracks will always be there.

  4. Your skin is gorgeous without make-up! Are you still using the same skin care products from Cellnique? I wish Shu Uemura would carry that limited edition BB base here in Canada, I want it badly! >.< Hope all is well with you Silver!

  5. Anon Apr 29 4:03>> I'll look into it. Just wrote a note in my blogger. ;)

  6. Anon April 30>> I'm now taking things in my stride. We never know what's going to happen in the future, and who's going to cheat on us, who's not, who's the best... I'll just go where life takes me, even if it's a sharp turn. Cracks will be there, but we are not perfect either. It's whether both parties want to make it work or not, and whether it happens at the right time. I'm scarred emotionally, definitely, and maybe I'm not bleeding anymore from the wounds, the wounds are still open and not healed properly... These take time... May life bless me with the happiness I deserve, ultimately, no matter what. ;)

  7. HD>> Oh dear! It's not available there? I'll let the ppl from Shu know that they have a fan in Canada! I seriously think they should do online sales!

  8. Ah! I see myself here! After like N days then crawl here to see your post... lolx~ I'm the one in gold hair =p
    Sorry that I kinda 'stalked' u that day, standing just right infront of you snapping pics with my cam all the way.. lolx~
    U still look awesomely flawless without makeup~ ^^