Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Let's Play...Love?

No I'm not going to PLAY love, for goodness' sake~ I'm not like that hor~~~ If by now you don't already know I don't friend you already. *act childish*

Okay..sidetracked...think I really need to go sleep right after this, I've been awake for almost 40 hours... (thanks to some ugly guy I don't wish to mention here....another time maybe...Eeks!)

This post is about my new drama!!! It's the first online interactive drama initiative by Xinmsn and Mediacorp, and to be honest I'm kinda excited about how this is going to be like. Like, it's scripted, so it's not exactly a reality TV show, yet it's a reality TVshow format, in which viewers get to decide what happens! So it's not really like, up to us whether we get through to the next round or not, right? 


Okay never mind! 

About the show:
A TV station organises a whole new reality show Let's Play Love, with the aim of selecting an individual who emerges the master of the game.

Four males and four females from different backgrounds will come together to participate in the game. Through a series of missions, each individual will be challenged on their views towards love.

Who will emerge as the winner to attain the title of Best Lover?

5 episodes will be aired each time, and subsequent 5 episodes will be produced based on the viewers' feedback.

I'm in Episode 4 and 5! Do watch all the episodes and vote for your favourite couple 
(Eh hem!!! No need to tell you guys what to do la hor? Hmmmmmmmmm~~???) *lol* 

Here's Ep 4! But do watch the rest to get a feel of the whole picture. ;)

<a href="" target="_new" title="Episode 4">Video: Episode 4</a> 
Support by helping to "Like" the video in the official website!!! (Only if you really like it of course!)

Let's Play Love 《PK爱情》

Help Kimmy and Ash stay in the game by voting for how you want the story to develop! 
And do remember to "Like" the video! ;) 
(Yah lah yah lah I very "AUNTIE" la~~~say so many times~~)

Don't Play Play,


  1. The cutest auntie ever!

  2. Hi Silver! I watched the first few episodees already. I think you acted really well for your role! (: