Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spa: SG-2000

I'm back with that water therapy post!!!!!!
Are you excited yet? I'm kinda jumpy because I don't know what to expect after sharing it with you guys, but HECK LA!!!!! IMMA SHARE IT ANYWAY!!! Ho Liao Gai Siao~~~~~~

So what exactly is water therapy?

As you know, therapy means healing, so water therapy also means healing with water.

Okay, I'm not sick, so using the word hydrotherapy may not apply very well in my case. But those following my tweets will know I spa quite a bit. At home.

Nope my mum doesn't own some beauty saloon, nor do I. But we do have a spa machine at home. Those of you who find it hard to grasp this concept, let me educate you on what SPA means.

Spa is actually the name of a Belgian town. It's also an acronym used in the past 2 decades
--> SPA = Solus Per Aqua, or Salus Per Aquam.
This means health via water.

So when I say I spa at home, it simply means I am using water in some way for health purposes. 

And I don't just mean I'm drinking water. Yes I am of course. Drinking water is VITAL for weight loss. It is. I lose weight a lot faster when I drink than when I don't. I used to only drink 1 cup of water a day, max. That's bad right? I think so too. Sometimes I still have that bad habit, but I'm trying my best to drink up to 2 litres a day, and so far I've managed almost 1 litre or more almost every day since the year started.

I mean sit in a bathtub installed with a spa machine, and let the water and the spa bathe me by means of a bubble bath.


Yah, that's it. Too simple? That's why I told you guys I didn't know how you would react.
Well, of course, there's the setting up of a bathtub if you don't already have one (which was what I did), heat up the water, fill the bath, and perform some poses inside the bathtub while spa-ing.

Er, what's the magic?

It's the SG-2000 spa machine.

It simulates the effects of a natural hot spring, generating millions of bubbles every minute.

For those of you who have been in a hot spring, you already know how it feels like. The SG-2000 feels like that (except that you bathe in the privacy of your own bathroom la). Ultrasonic waves are created when air bubbles rupture after colliding at high speed (don't ask me how). The vibration of the ultrasonic waves in the water has a massaging effect on the body, causing it to warm up quickly (burn calories!!!!). At the same time, it relaxes the muscles and boosts energy levels (burn more calories!!!!!) For the SG-2000, the ultrasound frequency generated is capable of simultaneous and continuous massage for all 320 acupuncture points in the body.

Too scientific and wordy for you? Okok, I know you guys don't like to read all these science stuff (neither do I actually), so here's a breakdown of what the SG-2000 can do (less wordy, but still wordy...want to lose weight? Don't complain. You just got to sit there and read this first.)

  • Internal Warming
    Increase metabolic rate by means of internal warming, thus promoting the normal secretion of hormones, strengthen the function of reproductive organs and make your bedroom life more, eh hem, you know, colourful~ ;) 
    • Whole Body Massage 
    Great news for massage fans! Now you can massage anytime, anyday, without stepping outta the house, and without troubling anybody (I always feel bad whenever I need someone to massage me, because I know how massaging another person can be...) 
    Whole body massage across 320 acupoints in the body, releasing tension and fatigue, massages the backbone and encourages the production of red and white blood cells. Blood and lymph circulation are facilitated. This burns fat, eliminates flabby tissue, improves the bust line, and shapes the body. Woohoo!!! This is THE main point man!!!!! But of course, I have to share the other good stuff with you... 

    • Deep Cleansing
    Cleanses 1.5million capillaries in the skin. Is that good or what? Skin tissues breathe better. (If you don't know the body somehow generates 0.05sq metres of dirt per day...eeks) SG-2000 takes about 5 min to loosen the grease and oil (some of us call them sebum) and using it continuously for 1 week will complete the cleansing process. 
    Of course for someone who rides (like me), I'm a little dirtier than other may take longer lo... The great thing about this is that after using, your pores and skin feels cleaner right? Somehow it absorbs your skin products better after. I find my lotions and creams work faster when I use them after spa-ing.

      • Complete Body Workout
       How? The ultrasonic bath produces about 10,000-15,000 micro-tremors per second (1.5kg/cm2 on the skin), and 15 minutes of ultrasonic bath is equivalent to a 3-5km run. This is what I call passive exercise!!!! Lazy man's exercise machine? Well, think about it, if you have joint problems, bone problems, spine problems, somehow you just CANNOT exercise even if you want to? This is your answer.

      •  Whitening & Slimming
      It removes dead skin cells (so after spa-ing you'll usually see a layer of dirt around the rim of the water in the bathtub). Ozone (generated by the processing unit and a mat lined with ceramic cells), used primarily for disinfecting (google to find out more about ozone...don't want to sound like an old grandma here), helps to expedite the elimination of dead skin cells and helps to whiten the skin and even out skin tone. And because we're talking about soaking your entire body in the million-bubble-bath, no inch of skin is spared, unlike applying creams where you may miss a spot here or a patch there.

      (Too much science on the machine and the ozone and infra-red and stuff for me to write. If you really want to know I can lend you the reading material for how the spa works.)

      A research conducted in Japan shows that 15 minutes of usage burns about 300-400 calories. That's about jogging for an hour for me???? Effortless? Hell yeah~~~~

      This is me, pink just like after a workout, except that I just bathed. I feel like I am sweating, in a way, just not in the smelly way. Note: You've got to use water about 40-42degrees celsius (depending on how hot you can take) to get this effect. But you WILL feel like you just did a workout, somehow.

      I wanted to show you guys my bathroom and how it's fixed, but my bathroom a bit not very nice, and so I've sought permission from Hagen to show HIS bathroom.

      Yup, as you can see, you don't need a built-in bathtub. When I first got introduced to the SG-2000, I thought I wouldn't be able to use it cos I didn't have a bathtub at home. Turned out we can buy a portable bathtub like the one above, which is what I am currently using as well. Bathtub costs about S$400? Reasonable. Now, the SG-2000 is the thing sticking into the water.

      You can watch how it operates by watching this video on this particular website.

      I mentioned this thing doesn't come cheap. Together with the essential oils which you will need to spa with, it will amount to about S$3000. I'm being upfront about the price because I find it a really good deal.

      For me, well, the whole family can use it for many years, as and when. No carpark fees, no need to worry about seeing a neighbour when you walk into the slimming centre, no need to makeup before you head out, you can spa even at 2am at night. These were my pull factors then. Plus if you've been curious and gone ahead to read the website I mentioned above, you'll know it has a host of benefits other than helping with weight loss. Plus, lipo for whole body will cost you S$10k? At least? A slimming package may be more, may be less, but once you finished the package that's it, no more. This? You can use 3 times a day for years man...cost-effective choice? You decide.

      Intrigued? Want to try? Email me. Trial sessions go for $10 per session. The first 10 respondents will get a free trial spa session of the SG-2000 at Franz De Paris, situated at Kembangan Plaza. If you're looking to lose weight, come. If you want to bring your mum, dad, ah gong, ah ma, come. (Especially if they've been complaining about stuff like leg pain, hong sip, back pain, skin problems, cold hands....etc. This product has even cured gout patients, and gotten rid of smelly "cigarette-fingers".)
      Just let me know and I'll see what I can arrange for you okay?

      P/s. Do note that I am genuinely sharing my experience of how I really lost weight post Superstar, and that I am not promoting sales or a MLM business plan. This may be an MLM product, but I understand Singaporeans and their attitude towards MLM (which was why I said I was hesitant to share it at first), so I'm not going to try to push for anyone to join me, though you may do so at a later time when you truly believe in the potential of this product and how it can help people.  =)

      It helped me go from


      within a few months. 2-3 months? And I didn't diet nor exercise nor did anything extreme. Other than bathing too many times a day (I remember spa-ing up to a maximum of 3 times a day, usually twice.)

      My email's right at the top of my sidebar, and do include the following details:
      • Your Name;
      • Contact Number; and 
      • Who you are bringing along with you for the session, if any.
      I will then get back to you asap to schedule a suitable time slot. If you have preferred days or timings, do include in your email as well.

      I look forward to your emails! Remember, first 10 - free trial~~~~

      Cheers to a Slimmer Body,


      1. i tried this only once and really it felt good and actually at that time i was experiencing pain at the bottom of my foot for about a month, and i knew not the cause. surprisingly, after the spa dip, the pain was gone forever. i think the 'massage' really made the blood circulation improved :)

        funny i 1st came here yesterday to tell u abt liking ur outfit n ur acting in suria n today i am again supporting u.

        oh i wish i cn invest in this spa home set. i badly need to lose lotsa weight. cn pay by installments?

      2. Geez Silver, if I didn't live in Canada I would email you as soon as possible to go give this a try. I'm such a lazy bum and this type of weight loss device would be perfect for me! Lol. Thanks for sharing, I will Google this device and see if I can find it in Canada... :)

      3. Hi Silver, is there any place whereby I can drop by to see the demo? Thanks

      4. extraluggage>> Good news for you! I think we do have distributors in Canada! Go to this website to see if you can contact them!

      5. tomyforeverbaby>> Yup! At Franz De Paris KEmbangan Plaza.

      6. Hi, I'm keen to purchase the machine. You know of any suppliers?

      7. Anonymous>> Me. =) You want a trial first, or you want to buy direct?

      8. Wow your transformation is awesome, i searched online and also found this which looks similar..
        is it the same thing?

      9. hmmm wondering how your water and electric bills were when you were using this? it sounds like it involves a lot of water and a lot of electricity!

      10. pL>> Actually no leh. I used less water instead, because after shower I keep the water for flushing the toilet and washing the floor! =) Electricity-wise also not a lot, because you only use like 30 minutes a day.

      11. Helloo.. Any age limit for the spa? :D

      12. thanks for replying! very fascinated by this, but think my mom would be uber unhappy if i bought this since i still live with my folks. now if i had my own place, that would be a different story. spa-ing while watching tv? haha.. ultimate shiok! (p/s: how are your magic fish??)

      13. Hi I emailed you regarding the purchase of the SG-2000 on 20 March. Was afraid it may have gone to your junk? Please check, thanks.

      14. hi babe i email you! wonder if u receive..if possible can u email me at thank some enquiry wanted to ask u..=)

      15. Gosh, thanks for letting me know! They all kinda went to my junk mail! Will reply u guys asap!

      16. hey silver. where can i buy the spa machine? from Franz De Paris Kembangan Plaza?
        is it still $3000 or cheaper or more expensive?

        1. Hi Lynn,

          Yup you can get it from there. The machine is only 2k plus. The rest depends on how many bottles of the essential oils you decide to get.

      17. Hey, is the first 10 free trials still available? thanks.

        1. Hey it has expired. But you can still book a trial for $20!

      18. Hi Silver,
        How much are you selling the machine for? Machine only.
        And are you still in operation at Kembangan Plaza?

        1. $2354 including GST. And yes, they are still in operation in Kembangan Plaza!

      19. any side effects or negative health issues we should take note when using this spa? are you a distributor? thanks .

      20. Can you tell me where u buy the bathtub? Any contacts? Thanks.

      21. HI - I am in Singapore and need a unit today! Are there any distributors close by?

        Steven V

        1. Hi Steven! I'm not in town at the moment, but I'll get a distributor to call you. You can drop me an email at otherwise!