Friday, 4 March 2011

Pesta Perdana 2011

Sorry I haven't posted what I said I would 2 days back because I spent the whole of the first half of yesterday doing imaging for a new show and the next half with my stylist trying to figure out (and going around every designer we know) what I could wear for Pesta Perdana which happens tonight. Yeah, talk about an emergency....

For the uninitiated, Pesta Perdana is basically Star Awards, or the Oscars (NATALIE PORTMAN!!!!!!!!!! Okay sorry...I just HAD to do that...), for Suria.

Well, if it isn't for the fact that it's Malay TV, I would have a much easier time, since most formal attires are either

1. Short
2. Sleeveless
3. Tube style
4. Have interesting cutouts/cleavage revealing....

All of which fail for Malay TV. (I have been told to wear something "suitable for Malay TV" la...that's why...what EXACTLY does "suitable for Malay TV" mean anyway???? Help~~~)

I have yet to find a suitable outfit for tonight, and am heading somewhere to try out clothes in a short while. Keeping my fingers crossed, let's hope I show up in something presentable tonight...

Am on the verge of wearing my SQ Sarong Kebaya...but I don't really want to be on the headlines for the wrong

Yes I will still be writing the continuation of my hydrotherapy weight loss post, let me get the nerves out for tonight first okay?

Think I stand a chance at winning? I've only really followed U.M.M.I, and fellow artiste in UMMI Kunjung did a very good job I think. Ok I'm starting to feel jittery. AH~~~~~ (RELAX RELAX!!!!) They say a nomination is already a recognition by itself, and honestly speaking I am very grateful for this nomination already.

I'll see you guys tonight on Pesta Perdana 2011 yeah? 8pm, LIVE on SURIA. ;)

Your Most Promising Actor/Actress Nominee,
*~Silver Ang~*


  1. I'm from Malaysia ... our Suria, is only Suria FM

  2. you deserve to win girl. but......... well maybe next year. never give up

  3. i was rooting for u to win but it's ok! i still support u. jiayo!

  4. hi, just found u here.
    actually i really like ur acting in suria. i'd like to see u more in suria.
    i did not watch pesta perdana though, so wat was ur malay suitable outfit? simple n sweet always the best, just like ur character in ummi

    perak is silver in malay