Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pesta Perdana 2011 - After the Show

Those of you who watched Pesta Perdana Live would have caught snippets of me somewhere. Those who didn't manage to watch, or didn't because you didn't understand (I didn't!!! LOL!!!), it's okay. I'm here to show you what I eventually wore. ;)

Okay before that, I really want to take this opportunity to thank Comb for spending almost the entire day with me yesterday looking for sponsors for my clothes. Without him, I have no idea what I would turn up for Pesta Perdana in... So Comb, thanks so much for your help. Other than being a great hairstylist (yes, THAT comb from Shunji who always does my hair~), you're a very responsible and helpful chap who really takes pride in your work. 谢谢你 banyak banyak leh!!!!

 Here's me!

 Thanks to Eileen from Noel Caleb, I turned up in something more than decent. I found my outfit an interesting ensemble of pieces, thrown together very nicely so it's conservative yet stylish.

I especially love the skirt. The zipper's at the front, and it's not your usual vertical straight-up zip as you can see. 

The asymmetrical drapes also made me look taller, and slimmer. HIAK HIAK HIAK!!!
The pink top's a leotard piece, and the Ekaterina outer drape cardigan adds an interesting detail to the entire look.

Oh, Noel Caleb's only available online, so if you're interested, you can visit

 Makeup and hair done by Mediacorp's Makeup Unit.
Namely - Hair by Ye Jie, Makeup by Pearlyn.
Love the whole look!!!!!

My partner for the night, Sufyan. He's been a dear friend since Poly days, and we were a thick FO GL husband-and-wife team back then. Long story, but if you belong to Singapore Poly's Student Union, and are familiar with SPSU's Freshmen Orientation, you'll know what I mean. =)

He's also in the media, and used to be Royston Tan's right hand man. You know, the guy who did 881? ;)
Now freelancing, anyone keen on doing media reels or corporate videos, email me. I'll hook you guys up. (I'm such a good friend I'm so proud of myself. ^.^)

I didn't win Pelakon Harapan Terbaik (That's Most Promising Actor/Actress), but I'm not really upset, because the girl who won, I did my first ever Suria show with her, and I found her really pretty.

 Here she is - Azzah.

 From left: Ms Ong Lay Hong, Managing Director for Suria, Vasantham, and Eaglevision; Mr Chang Long Jong, Mediacorp's Deputy CEO; Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education & Second Minister for Defence; and of course, Silver Ang, Most Promising Actress Nominee, and one of your favourite bloggers (不要臉...LOLOL!!!!)

Silver Ang, you're the best Ambassador for Racial Harmony!!! All the Best in your future nominations!!! ^.^

Thank you everyone for your support, thank you so much...


  1. Dear Silver,

    Though you didn't win the Most Promising Actress, we must say you are not only pretty, but you have REAL talents. You can sing, dance and act and who else in Mediacorp are hot in all channels like you? Keep it up.

    Love, love, love how the clothes look so stylish on you.

  2. you really look like joanne peh in that picture with ur poly friend! :D

  3. no u dont look like joanne peh! u r much prettier, sweeter.
    i love ur outfit! so very nice! so thoughtful of u to consider the sensitivities of the malay viewers. u still look gd evn if choose cnservative.
    ironically the malay 'stars' are not sensitive themselves, arent they reminded of malay suitable outfits too?

    perak is silver ;)

  4. Hello silver..u r a great actress ya!win award or not u still d best ya!

  5. awww,so favourite actor is Azzah Fariha and Silver Ang..i hope i get 2 know about u all MORE..LOVE YOU 2 SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. love you all so much!!!!!