Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Leading Up To 2012

Hey guys! I know I've been away for quite a while since the spa post. I've gotten so much achieved this week that I'm really kinda proud of myself. =)

Okay before I go on and update you guys on what I have been doing, there has been pressing issues happening around the world which has made even me (the most I-really-don't-want-to-focus-on-depressing-news person) sit up and take a look. It's been 4 days since the Japan Tsunami, and I only went and saw the videos today. My heart stopped.

If you haven't seen the videos, here are 2. The first one I couldn't understand because it's video from IndiaTV, but the visuals are clearer than the latter. The latter, you can hear the newscaster "Live" at the time when Tsunami hit Japan.

I pray for everyone in Japan, locals and foreigners alike, that their families and themselves are safe. 
And, for my friends in Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia, please, do get out of there for these 2 weeks. Get a flight out asap, okay? Though I can't assure you that Singapore will be spared, at least we're not in a fault zone. You can come here for 2 weeks and have peace-of-mind meals and sleep.

Some woman apparently predicted/forecasted that it would happen. The following is a video posted on the 8th March 2011. She calls out to all those living in 'fault-zone areas' to get out for a holiday now. Better be safe.

All these disasters happening so closely to each other for the past few years have set me thinking about 2012, and whether everything would happen like what the Hollywood movie said it would: End of the World with plenty of destruction and annihilation. I realised that my first recollection of the whole concept of 2012 started with the show, and that I knew nothing about it. (I know it's true for most of you reading this too~)

Would I die?  (GOSH CHOI CHOI CHOI CHOI CHOI DAI GA LAI SI CHOI!!!!!) I've so many things to achieve in life man~ I've got a business (empire) to build, shows to act in, a life to lead...hello, I'm not even close to getting a chance at planning my own wedding!

As if that wasn't enough, after my Vyjayanthi shoot today, the Mediacorp bus uncle told me that we may not even get to go pass 21 May 2011. That is, if we survive this Saturday.

WTF????? Isn't it supposed to be 2012? Now it's 21 May 2011, discounted by 1 year 7 months???? And then possibly THIS SATURDAY??????

Naturally, I got paranoid and came home and started googling (the wonders of human technology~ I'm sure we can save us. Humans can do anything, remember? Whoever thought we would ever communicate across the seas with a smaller-than-brick sleek-looking device known as a mobile phone, or read blogs written by other people right in the comfort of our own home?), and I found interesting facts about the Mayans and 2012.

Apparently 11:11AM Universal Time (I suppose that means GMT time? Which is 19:11hr Singapore time?), on the 21 Dec 2012, marks the completion of the 5,125-year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar. The Mayans are people known to be very advanced for their times, even in astronomical knowledge.

 This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Ancient Mayan Long Count calendar.
It's so fascinating but my blog is not an encyclopaedia. Go google it if you're interested.

 Just as your annual calendar ends, this simply means that a new calendar will take place. The Mayans only foretold/predicted until the end of the cycle. What lies ahead, we don't know. It doesn't mean the end of the world, as misconstrued by the movie "2012". The director of "2012", Roland Emmerich, has admitted that he has always had a love affair with end-of-the-world stories. Well, look at his past work - "Independence Day", "The Day After Tomorrow".

 Though the poster is eeriely similar to how the Tsunami hit Japan....

As Emmerich shares about the plot of the 2012 movie, "...we came up with this idea that maybe a global flood would be a great movie because we could do a re-telling of Noah’s Ark, in a modern way...during the course of coming up with the story, we found this phenomenon about 2012, and we incorporated it into our movie..."

Well, there you have it. The global destruction and disaster thing is not based on any facts. (and instead on Noah's Ark??? Except that naming the movie "Noah's Ark" would probably generate less movie ticket sales than "2012".)

As Emmerich clarifies, "We only used the fact that the Mayan calendar ends. That gave us the year." Emmerich said after checking out the range of 2012 books on Amazon, he realized, "...there are so many (theories) that, in a way, you can just create your own." He shares that "2012 was tacked on as a title to his disaster movie because it is something "people believe", and it made the movie seem more "real"".

So stop scaring friends and yourself that the world is ending. If you really should say that, the world has ended for a lot of people already, the most recent ones having resided in Japan.

Carlos Barrios, from the Eagle Clan of the Mam Maya of Guatemala shares in regards to 2012:

"The world will not end. It will be transformed... Everything will change...Change is accelerating now, and it will continue to accelerate...If the people of the earth can get to this 2012 date in good shape, without having destroyed too much of the Earth, we will rise to a new, higher level. But to get there we must transform enormously powerful forces that seek to block the way...Humanity will continue, but in a different way. Material structures will change. From this we will have the opportunity to be more human..."

Maybe we'll start to live as cavemen again. You know, hunt, start fire, kill animals for their skin and fur to keep warm. And since there won't be stuff like the internet and the PS3 to distract us, plus the ladies will be wearing so little, there will be plenty of baby-making going on...(and without the encouragement of the government too, how nice~)

 I pray that I will survive and know a tailor somehow, so she can sew chio leather for me to wear, like the one above....

And since we have so many hairstylists around (unless by some conspiracy all the hairstylists are wiped out...), we don't have to worry looking like this:

And then maybe we'll have a world much like "Avatar". =D All the glowing plants and the floating mountains....That would actually be kinda beautiful, you think?

Somehow I kinda have this belief that all the destruction will END on 2012. The past few years' disasters have been too close together - they happen within months of each other, gee~zers~~~ How about thinking it the way I do, that perhaps all these earthquakes and tsunamis and what-have-yous will stop happening the way they do in recent years? Of course we still have a year or so of earthly movements (literally) continuing to cause massive destruction. But take it that the world is rearranging itself. After all, we started as one big Gaia, to the many continents and islands we have today. I'm looking forward to an Avatar world, minus the looking-like-the-blue-creatures....

I really don't want to look like this:

Even though she looks kinda hot for her kind...

Flat nose, pointy ears, and GLOWING FRECKLES???? 妈呀~~~不要啦~~~~

Reading on, it is said something else may happen today. 15 March 2011. (It's so awful, you know, cos I always remember 15 March as my primary school best friend's birthday. >.<)

I'm looking forward to good days ahead. Doomsday? Nah~ Not for me. I will be safe and sound, because I believe I will be. ;)

Life Goes On,

That Silver Girl

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