Wednesday, 2 March 2011

How I Became Smaller

I was initially quite hesitant about sharing this with you guys, simply because I don't know how young people (I assume all of you here are young, yes, even the 40-year-olds) will react to it. But I honestly think that this is a wonderful open secret worthy of mention whether or not you guys choose to believe it.

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you would know that I used to be a fat kid. Those who don't know my obese background, click here.

Yeah I used to be fat, then perseverance and dancing in my then CCA helped me to lose weight. Then came graduation from school (like, permanent graduation, not grad from secondary going on to JC/poly), and I ballooned. When I graduated, Project Superstar happened, and I guess it was the stress as well, but I quickly became this:

Well, I wasn't fat, but standing only at 1.61m tall, 58kg was not acceptable. Definitely not as a TV artiste.
Okay I was being self-consoling when I said I wasn't fat. I was wide.....The only thing I can thank god for is that I have a not-too-bad-looking, as well as sharp, face. So I don't look too fat.

I guess I have Hagen and Angeline to thank, for it was them who introduced this to me. Within 2 months, I had gone from 58kg to 52kg, without exercise, without conscious dieting, without having to partake in strenuous activities.


I lost weight using a method known as .....

Well, as..............................

You curious??? Scroll somemore la.....

(Dammit Silver, you're evil....)

I think I am, too. WAHAHAHA~~~
Those reading it from their phones must be cursing and swearing....

Here it comes~~~


Which also means Water Therapy, since hydro means water (I hope you knew this, before I even told you).

Yeah there it is. The secret to my weight loss, and part of why my complexion is such, and the relief of many stressful days.

That's all I'm saying today, if you're intrigued about what it is exactly I'm doing with water (water ballet? water parade? Swimming??? Frolicking in the water at midnight? WHAT?????), come back tomorrow. Lol. I'm being evil I know, but good things are worth the wait. I'll show you exactly what it is I have been using, how it has been working, and what other benefits it entails. Word of warning: This thing only comes cheap in the long run, but I dare prove to you it is worth your every penny MORE SO than slimming packages or endless trying of all sorts of diet pills or even *gasp* puking your food out after every meal.It is not a gimmick, nor am I telling you guys this because I want to earn money, because if I really wanted to earn big money outta this, I would have done so 5 years ago when I first tried it, or when I first started my blog.

I can't wait!!!
(Sorry no pictures today. Saving them for next few posts!!!!)


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  1. Oooooh I'm excited to see part 2 of this post. :)