Thursday, 17 March 2011

15 March 2011

Something significant happened today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No's not another disaster (CHOI!!!)...

Yes yes yes yes yes I am now a QUALIFIED rider!!! (P-Plate is still P-Plate lor! After 1 year then you're a full-fledged QUALIFIED driver/rider okay!!! (Those who took the licence and have never driven for 10 years after, does NOT bloody count!)

  I want to thank all the road users I've encountered, idiotic or not, who helped improve my riding skills, and for keeping me accident-free (I will always be safe~~~ ) ^.^
Without you guys, I would still be riding my bike the driving-centre way (be it good or

1 year of silly dropping the bike in the carpark...peng san due to clumsiness, and really needs practice to make your riding skills improve, even after you've passed the Traffic Police test. I'm confident on the roads now, can pillion someone else comfortably, and have no trouble estimating my safe distances while going in-between lanes (GOD I remember the very first time I did that!!!! SWEAT LIKE HELL!!!!). I no longer have a fear of U-turns, and can even turn up multi-storey carparks the 'short-cut motorbike way' (I am not encouraging this practice though, for there will be some idiotic drivers to turn up the ramps pretty quickly without checking, and it is up to yourself to gauge your own safety).

Time for my Class 2A? Hmmm....not exactly...not yet...maybe not at all... I've a pretty cool (and practical) sportsbike, one of the best in its class, and honestly, it is really sufficient for me. Until I decide to, this R15 is here to stay. Come to think of it, I think I mentioned something about sharing bike lesson tips with you guys like....1 year ago? Lol!!!! I should get to it soon. Plus, I have slightly a little bit more experience now, as a lady rider.

I Just Upped the Cool Factor By a Notch,
That Silver Girl


  1. Time to re-enroll at BBDC for your 2A

  2. Lucky it's a box on a R15 and not a R1. :-)

  3. your photos are so funny!! :)

  4. I am a female rider and I encourage you to go all the way up to Class 2!