Saturday, 5 February 2011

Want to 搞笑 Also Half-Past Six....

Crappy mood. Like, someone walks out of your life, swings himself right in somehow and screws you up again, inside. Like it wasn't badly screwed up enough.

Okay I'm saying all these because I refuse to be this girl that Qiuting despises. Because I really REALLY want to be all GRRR POWER and move on and start my life anew.

Then some friend has to come and mention your name and get me started. Why the hell did I ever let you join cabin crew in the first place, knowing everything that goes on in there....URGH~ *slaps myself*

Yeah yeah, I'll be fine. I always do. Right? Give me a few months, I'll forget it, and then wait for something to happen for you to cramp my insides again.

I know it's 初二 and it should be a happy post. Addy, you understand me best, girlfriend... COME BACK FROM YOUR FLIGHT AND I WANNA SEE YOU!!!!

Okay there, I'm done whining. Clean my face, and face everyone with a bright smile again *lips quiver*
After all, someone else is waiting to love me. (Right?) And I pray that your predecessor won't be an asshole (again). No one compares, you know? And I really hate it that way. I miss you the way you were, and you were a different person for so long after, and now, I see you again. Just...the way you used to be...Happy, stable, content. It's heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Heck, I never knew such an emotion exists...

Anyway, for those of you still reading, Silver is here...Silver is still here~ One of my moods which make I'll be okay. I always do, remember? =D Okay I'm smiling again...

Okay I promise end of the month I'll show you guys how I lost weight okay? I know I've said it for the longest time. But I will show you guys finally la...just be prepared it's not cheap though. Cheap in the long run la, but I'll be sure to hear you guys say it's expensive once I tell you. Okay I'm saying too much.

On a side note, if you guys are ever going to Best Denki like, from next week onwards, keep a lookout for the TV sections. Got a surprise for you guys. And it's not Vyjayanthi. ;)



  1. Keep smiling! Stay strong and remember you have THOUSANDS of pple here to keep you from falling completely. x)

  2. How did u manage to slim down one !!!!!!!!!

  3. This is the most natural picture that you had taken of yourself...