Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sponsored Post: Cellnique

Who's that girl?

No I still have no idea how to use Photoshop.This was edited with Picasa and it's just using some OBVIOUS features they have. =P

Not too long ago (maybe about a month?) I was experiencing skin so dry I was flaking at my forehead and my nose...

And the thing about dry skin is, well, we don't get pimples (even if so, very occasionally), but we end up with plenty of freckles and dark spots on our faces. It's like, god must be fair, or something. Like once I saw this girl who has legs that go on forever, is tall, has a nice figure with all the right curves which doesn't look fat, but...she's got a huge mole (the protruding kind which may grow hair) right in between her nose and her right cheekbone.

Yes, god is fair. So I shall be content with my height of 1.61m (eh at least I passed the SIA mark of 1.58m okay...)

And somehow, I almost ALWAYS manage to find products that does wonders for my face. I've been using Cellnique products for a month now, and I have to say, I'm more than pleased with the results. I look dewy in the mornings, and throughout the day, my face doesn't flake anymore like it used to. On the set of "Vyjayanthi", make-up artists have commented on my good skin which doesn't need much touch-up these days because my smile line doesn't appear so obviously like it used to, and I don't "出油" on my face even though it's heavily moisturized. Loves~

Here I'm going to show you some pictures of my face I took last night, after washing my face, WITHOUT any products on. =D


Some before and after pictures (1 month ago and now) 

   Before                                       After

(That white strand is NOT white hair,it's hair stained with foundation which I somehow had missed washing off... =P)

 Before                                         After

See a difference????? =))

1 point to take note of is the fact that for the whole of this past month, I have not been using masks/gone for treatments/done anything special. I have ONLY been using Cellnique products, selected for my own skin concerns, which are pigmentation and darkening (I tan too easily, even under studio lights, so I'm ALWAYS looking for whitening products), and dry skin.

So what exactly it is from Cellnique I have been using?

After cleansing (I guiltily admit I have not been using a toner for the past month), I start with applying Derma Whitening Essence on my whole face, concentrating especially on my freckles. You can use it on your age spots, brown spots, dark spots, or anywhere on your skin you find unevenly coloured.

 The Derma Whitening Essence obviously, addresses the whitening issue. Here's what else it can do -
  • Treats pigmentation
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Antioxidant and anti free radicals

It's got a slightly creamy texture that looks like this:

 It's got a faint citrus rubbery smell, so faint it doesn't really bother me (and I CANNOT stand products which smells too strong, or just smells funky). After application, there was a mild tingling sensation, and every time I feel that, I somehow know the product is working. Lol~

1 month into using this product, my skin has remained fair and translucent (bear in mind that just before I tried Cellnique products, I had gone for an I2PL treatment). I have been riding my bike almost every day, sometimes in the sun, and I have been having hot outdoor shoots as well. Under normal circumstances, my freckles would have been starting to develop by now (that's how bad my freckles are - I can go to Sentosa Palawan Beach for 2 hours and I'll go home and find new freckles on my face....>.<).

 This one has very high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and Essential Amino Acids to bind moisture in the dermal connective tissue and to restore elasticity of the skin so your skin feels toing~toing~ And moisture-locked skin means lesser wrinkles! My smile lines and (beginning stages of) crows' feet have become so much less visible!!! It apparently helps in reducing the appearance of acne scars too~

Instructions say 2 drops of this on eye area and 6 drops of this on the whole face after cleansing and toning...
 This is 1 drop. Or rather, 1 pump.

 This is 6 pumps!!! To be honest, I find that 3 pumps is already good enough for my whole face, including the eye area. So I use only 2-3 pumps each time, morning AND night. =D There is no smell, so I love it, and even though it says the texture is sticky, it doesn't feel honey-sticky. After you apply it onto your face it actually becomes runny and just glides on to your face. The face feels slightly sticky after application but just keep massaging the product into your skin and the stickiness will go away after the product is absorbed.

I have to say, the morning after I first used this, my skin looked and felt amazing. This is one star product I WOULD definitely recommend. 

Lastly, I finish off with the Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion.

I like the fact that every product comes with this seal, so you know no dirty itchy hands have opened the bottle and touched it.

Here's what this bottle of goodness does - 
  • Repairs damaged cells and promotes healing process (again great for acne scars, as well as sunburns!!!)
  • Replenishes moisture and softens skin
  • Antioxidant and whitening agent (Yay~~~more!!!)
  • Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory (so EVERY type of skin is suitable!)

Once again, this is another creamy-looking cream, but upon application, it actually feels refreshing, and doesn't feel greasy like some creams do. There isn't much smell to this either.

One thing about this is if it isn't properly absorbed into the skin, it may tend to react with your other makeup, or anything else applied over it. When I first used my sunscreen over it, small flakes would come off.

One tip would be to make sure your skin is nicely exfoliated before applying any product, so the products get better absorbed. Another tip is to dab tissue paper over your face after you've applied anything over it, to remove the flakes.

Other than that, I'm really happy with what these 3 products have been doing for my face.
The pictures at the beginning o this post were taken bare-faced, no products, no makeup, no photo-editing, nothing. Now let's see how my face looks after I've done my skincare routine with these 3 genies.....

Notice my skin doesn't look greasy? It just looks moisturized~ and fresh~

I just need concealer for under my eyes (or sleep more), and I'm set to go out~ Isn't it nice to have radiant, dewy, glowing, spotless skin? ;)

Take the Cellnique Blackheads Challenge and win an iPod Nano or an iPod Shuffle!!!

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It's that easy!!!

I honestly think Cellnique's products are good, after having used them for a month. Why not try it for yourself, and see the difference, AND win an iPod something? =D Go go go...get that Challenge Pack now!!!



  1. Hi Silver, may i know if Intensive Hydrating Complex acts as a moisturiser? I've dry skin and am currently finding a good face moisturiser. Thanks!

  2. Hi silver,

    I'm one of your regular blog reader. I was keen in cellinique products
    after reading your experience. Out of curosity, I searched the internet about
    cellinique skincare. Apparently in 2008, some of its products were 'banned' in
    Malaysia due to its ingredients. Please google and verify it. The website Malaysian babes has an interesting discussion about it. I think xiaxue also
    receive some samples as well. Do check it out. Your concerned reader signing out.

  3. Anon Feb2 1:49>> Huh banned? But Cellnique is a Malaysian product!!! I went to google the brand and found most of its reviews to be positive. It worked well for me as well.

    I believe the products that were banned have been revised or taken off the shelves. As long as the products that you use do not contain hydroquinone (the ingredient in question that was the main reason for the ban), it should be alright I suppose.

    Then again...are all our hairsprays safe? Is swimming at the public pool safe? Given the fact that the skin is your largest organ and you're letting weird chemicals absorb into it whilst immersing in it? *shrugs*

    Point to note: ONCE you experience any form of skin irritation after first use, discontinue and contact the company immediately. =)

  4. Anon Feb1:11:21>> YES it does! It is essentially a serum, and it works doubly well if you use it with your moisturizer!

  5. hi,

    is Skin Action Sebum Gel good? u tried before? where can we buy it??

  6. Hello Anonymous>> No I haven't tried the Skin Action Sebum Gel though I've heard quite a lot about it! Can get on their website!

  7. Hi, thanks for the info.. any idea if b.liv by cellnique (c from sasa) isit the same product??