Sunday, 27 February 2011

Occupation: Blogger/Artiste/BUSINESS OWNER!!!!!!

This is going to be so exciting. Pretty soon all the female bikers in Singapore shall rejoice. And of course the female pillions. *I can barely control my stupid grin now*

I am setting up a business of my own, finally. Spent the entire day doing admin work. And it will be so for the rest of the week when I'm not filming.

For starters, I had no idea there were so many things to be done. There's the registration of the business with Acra, then there's the application of the Home Office Scheme with HDB, and then there's the application of Self-Employment status with CPF, after which I've to top up my Medisave account with CPF as a self-employed personnel. Then I've to prepare a Business Plan for getting the bank loan. Woooo~~~

All in all, it's going to be worth it. Because I am so excited about the business venture already! Next week I'll be making a short trip to see the goods, then I'll be meeting web designers for my corporate identity and web design, and before you know it, voila~~~ The business takes effect!

Curious about the stuff I'm going to do? ;)

Shall reveal more as the date draws nearer to my Official Opening. Whatever I'm gonna do, you guys will be supporting me right? *sees heads nodding*

That's why I love you! Lol~

 Girl Power, RAH~~~!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congratulation. What business is it?

  2. Hi Silver. You might want to visit for help with your corporate image.
    PS I have no association with them.

  3. Silver,

    Bike as in bicycle or motor-cycle??


  4. Hi Silver,

    What's your nickname over at Singapore Bikes Forum?

    See you there.

  5. Very intrigued. Remember to get loads of fengshui stuff - crystals and 招财猫 and prepare to HUAT! Haha!

  6. You made it girl. Be on top and stay on the top.