Friday, 18 February 2011

快乐就好 MTV

Did quite a few MTV shots with Hagen recently amidst my busy filming schedule.
This is his new song - 快乐就好。

 Credits to Club Couture for the nice black jumper right at the end of the MTV.
And Angeline for the hair. 

I know I know, that wig right at the beginning was erm....argh~~~ Lol~ I had fun laughing at myself.

Here are some of the shots taken for the pictures in the MV:

You may have caught his CD poster around:
Support if you like his music! ;)
P/s. He wrote 马德里不思议 and 爱一直存在, amongst many other songs~~~

That's me, upset because I had to wear a super itchy wig which only served one purpose - to make me look toot.... Lol~

That Silver Girl

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  1. You are sooo pretty in the shots at the end of the video! I'm jealous! <3