Saturday, 26 February 2011

Growing Fish?

I've recently made a super bo liao acquisition.

And seriously, I thought it was an astounding discovery, thus I bought it.

 I mean, you can grow plants, and it's normal, you know. The seeds will only start sprouting when there is presence of water, as we've learnt since Primary School and our green bean experiments...

But fish??? You can grow fish now???

You know those Science-y ecology toys that you can find in novelty shops or at Science Centre itself right? Where you can actually keep a self-sustainable eco-globe and you don't have to feed anything or do anything much and there is existence of life inside? 

This is something new. I mean, it's sold as a box. Not like, live fish or anything. Okok, let's just look at the contents of the box....

 A small, clear fish tank.

1 big spatula, and 1 small one.

1 pipette. 

A small bowl.

 3 packets of stuff. Amazing stuff. There is a pack of Magic Soil, a pack of Natural Salt, and a pack of Shrimp Eggs.

The Magic Soil supposedly contains fish eggs. When I opened the packet, it was dried soil. Not like wet soil or anything. Just sandy dried soil. And there are eggs in there??? Which CAN grow??? Mind you, these are FERTILIZED EGGS! Meaning they will grow up to become fish. You've heard of frozen human ovum and frozen sperm...but have you heard of a fertilized human egg?

Can you imagine if a girl gets pregnant...let's say, an underaged 15-year-old. The couple is young, and will get into trouble with the law. Supposing they decide to preserve the egg in the same manner as the magic soil thing. If they break up in the future, just dispose of the egg, fine. But should they have a happy ending and finally gets married when they reach 24 years old, and they decide then to start "growing" the egg. 

When the child reaches 10 years old, they'll say "Son, actually you're 19 this year...we made you 19 years ago, but we only grew you 9 years later...."

What the hell????

Shelf life of this Magic Fish is 1.5 years, according to the salesperson at Mini Toons where I bought this.
If technology continues to develop, it will be longer, and I'm kinda scared to know what the future will be like. Isn't it scary???

Anyways, what you do is pour clean water into the tank, and using the big spatula, add 1 scoop of Natural Salt into the water. Stir until dissolve. THEN pour the entire pack of Magic Soil into the water. Do not stir anymore after this.

After a few weeks, the eggs will supposedly hatch. (Oh my god!!!!). You then fill the small bowl with water, and add 1 big spoon of Natural Salt and stir to dissolve. Then shake a small spoonful of shrimp eggs onto the water surface. Within 12-24 hours the shrimp eggs will hatch into shrimps (AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!)

Feed each Magic Fish with 2-5 shrimps twice a day, using the pipette.

Use the pipette to clean the food residue and excreta at the bottom of the jar. Change 1/10 of the water per week. After the fish is about a month old, change 1/5 of the water per week. 

Okay get this...

The adult Magic Fish begins to BREED after about 3 months!!!!!!

I started growing mine about 4 days ago...

 Nothing much has been happening. This is just the soil that has settled on the tank floor. 

Some soil still floating....

I'm kinda awed and can't wait to see it hatch. Will let you guys know once I see any sign of life okay? ;)

I can't believe I'm keeping fish....
I can't believe I spent $19.90 on this....



  1. Then if the shrimp REALLY grew.. can you eat it? =X

  2. may i know where you buy this?

  3. very fascinated by this, went to google "magic fish" and was surprised by the amount of info available! wow! now i'm tempted to try *lol* shall wait to see what your outcome is! =D

  4. Anon 9:02AM>> I don't think I will though. It's meant for feeding the fish!!!

    Anon 2:14PM>> From Mini Toons at Causeway Point!

    pearly>> I'm super psyched!

  5. Interesting. COuld it be Killifish?

  6. Go research sea monkeys! It's been done before. I was just as amazed by sea monkeys though.