Monday, 21 February 2011

Debut Appearance Tonight!

I know I'm supposed to be working on my Koh Samui holiday post, but I just have to make a shoutout here. My debut appearance on "Vyjayanthi" is tonight! Please support the show (and me!) by tuning in to Vasantham at 10pm later alright? ;)

You'll see this cute little girl:

Personally, I really like the storyline, and how the finished product turned out. It's the past few months' worth of hard work for the whole team behind the show, and we're still working it! Filming's expected to wrap by early next month. And I'm already feeling the, I won't get to tie saris every day anymore~~~ *slightly depressed*

*wipes tears, gives a I-will-be-fine look*

Okay NOW I'm going to work on my holiday post. Expect it AFTER Vyjayanthi tonight okay?



  1. Hi Silver

    You are an amazing actress! You make us a proud Singaporean. It's not easy to act in an Indian show because you've got to have express well. Well done Silver Ang. We are for you!


  2. I watched your "my fair lady" show. good job!