Sunday, 16 January 2011

Who's Been on the Papers???

And it's not for some random scandal hor!!!! It's proper good make-you-smile news. =)

 It's about my upcoming Vasantham drama - Vyjayanthi~

Okay la, it's more about me being a Chinese artiste who, apart from Okto, has covered Channel U, Channel 8, Channel 5, Suria, and now Vasantham. 

If you remember, I did mention something like that before too. ;)
I need I shall start exploring overseas channels too... *keeps fingers crossed*

But honestly, should there be a chance to go overseas to do a show, I WILL go. There is nothing more rewarding than learning about a culture whilst being immersed in it, day in, day out.

I have to be brutally honest, I knew NOTHING about the Indian culture before doing this show, other than the confusing head shakes which I couldn't decipher to be a 'yes' or a 'no' (NOW I CAN!!!!!)

Lol. Oh yes, and I know I'm a wee bit late, but HAPPY PONGGAL to all Indians! Found out from my co-stars that yesterday was Ponggal day, which is Harvest Festival, aka the Tamil New Year. See, how ELSE would I learn about little things like that??? Those of you who've had Tamil friends back in school or have Tamil colleagues, you know MEH????

I also learnt to say this!!!!! Puthandu Vazthukal!!!!! 
That's Happy New Year in Tamil!!!! Wee~~ I'm catching things fast? *proud of myself*

Ok, now for the article -

 I know you cannot see la...and though you can just click on the pictures to get a bigger view, I'm gonna break it down for u here so you can read without straying away from the page... (don't even think about running...)

 One thing I HAVE to clarify - my character was NOT DEAF. She was just mute. So I still had to listen to my co-stars' lines and give reactions according to what they are saying. 是有难度的hor~ 不要以为我只是装聋作哑~ Vyjayanthi 没聋,也是真哑...

Now that we've got that clarified...we can continue...

 For the 老花眼s, this one if still cannot see just RIGHT-CLICK and OPEN IN NEW TAB. Lol~ There will be an enlarged version after you click on the picture in the new tab.

And ah!!! Another clarification!!!!! In the third paragraph above, I didn't say the Indians move their hips more!!! I said they move their HEADS more than the Chinese~~~ =.= It was a telephone interview Kee Yun had thought I said 'hips' instead of 'heads'. I don't know who moves their hips more, but I'm SURE Indians shake their heads a lot more than the Chinese. Lol~

Okay, after reading the whole article? How? Any comments? I honestly am very very glad I was game enough to try this out. I learnt the culture, you know, what colour pottu means what (pottu is that dot on the women's foreheads, and yes, pottu's ONLY for women~), how to tie a saree, that you wear a parvadai inside a saree before you tie... Share with you more on these little cultures I learnt when I can in another post k? ;)

Other than the culture, I got a chance to work with some very cool people, and made some new friends. And really, with knowledge comes understanding. Now I know why and how they do certain things. Who knows, maybe I'll get a chance to work in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, possibly even the somewhere unthinkable, like Italy or France or the States or something. May the force be with me.

MUHUKI!!!! (that is Silverese, not Tamil)
*~Silver~*, who plays Vyjayanthi.


  1. So amazing to see someone follow their dreams and being rewarded for it :) Good luck!

  2. you're in the chinese newspaper too!

  3. I adore you and will be watching out for your show. You look so cute in the sari by the way :) Just blogged about you too. I am sure more amazing things await you. With a cool name like Silver, how can you go wrong?

  4. You are doing a great job. Your expressions are good and I am glad you warmed up to our culture and have adapted well. You are a good student. Keep it up and wishing u many more success.

  5. I will watch this drama serial just because of you!!

  6. I followed every episode of Vyjayanthi, and I must say you stood out among all the other cast members. Your acting, expressions and body language were really good - damn perfect for an actress who actually don't speak or understand Tamil. Great job, you have a fantastic future in acting. I think your role as Vyjayanthi might even land you for the best actress award in the next Vasantham's Award Show. Let's keep our fingers crossed :)