Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Vyjayanthi at KTM

Since the topic of Vyjayanthi is the talk of the town (I say, let me share with you some behind the scenes pictures of the shoot, how about that? =D

"Vyjayanthi" is a show set in the 1950s, 60s, so it is to be expected that you will not see the air-conditioners, PS3 consoles, HDB flats and elevators like you would with the shows you watch now. I got information from the production crew that this drama, "Vyjayanthi", is the first ever Tamil drama set in those days in Singapore. There were no documented films that they could make references to, and thus what they could rely on were Chinese dramas set in those times, and the experiences of the elder crew who lived in those times. 

Sounds interesting already, doesn't it? 

One of the very few places left in Singapore which still looks like it belongs to the 1960s, is the KTM Railway Station at Tanjong Pagar. Because that land belongs to Malaysia (yup, for you youngsters out there, there ARE actually parts of Singapore land which does NOT belong to us!), it has kept its rustic charm. Not exactly a bad thing, since it allows the younger generation to sneak a peek into the olden days... 

 I think someone actually resides in this house...

This particular house, super champion. Inside were at least 6 chickens, free range (they kept walking out of the fencing to check us out...the chickens, not the owners), a few turkeys, and I even saw a goat... This IS an authentic kampung house~~~~

Me pretending to look 'authentically 60's' as well. There was a pair of shorts hanging outside (don't know if it even belongs to anyone or how long it has been hanging there, I felt a bit grossed out touching and I was trying to look like I was hanging out the laundry. Er...I have NO idea if Indians wore flower shorts then. Lol~

I said I learnt a bit about Indian culture right? There's this thing where they would walk barefoot all the way from their home to the temple for prayers, and they would walk with one foot in front of the other, heel touching toe, not breaking the link. I don't know the reason behind it, but now I know they actually do that. Wah imagine if it's a hot sunny day at 34 degrees celsius. The road must be super hot, so it must be quite painful to do this~ 

I would choose to do my prayers before sunrise or after sunset~~~ Lol~

Else I'd be happiest on cloudy days like this...

 The crew. Whoever said film production was an easy and glamorous task is awfully wrong... Lol~ Lighting is best on a sunny day, and when it rains, you have to RUN to get the camera into shelter, not yourself. Sometimes you have to stick yourself amidst long grass and muddy soil...

Of course, when the show airs, that satisfaction is there la....

 Getting a shot of the train as it passes. If we miss this, we gotta wait 2 hours for the next train...

This is Kak Nurihan, my makeup artist cum hairstylist for the show. She's got great fashion sense man, and when someone with great fashion sense dolls you up, you somehow feel you're in safer hands. =D

From left, that's Gayathri, producer of the show, Kak Nurihan, me, and my co-actor. Don't play play, he is Mr Vasantham from the Vasantham Manhunt okay? 

P/s. you may start seeing him in other manhunt-type contests soon...maybe in your fave mag, maybe on TV...maybe...I dunno la huh, I didn't say anything~ =D *zips*

"Vyjayanthi" airs 16th February, 2011 on Vasantham. I will be updating more behind-the-scenes pictures when I can~! Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of my blog posts k?  Free can go take the poll at the sidebar, or go visit my STomp's "I Say You Say" feature and give your comments on the topics~!

Vanakkam~~~ (It is both "Hello" AND "Goodbye", fyi)

The Vyjayanthi in "Vyjayanthi"


  1. you're beautiful

  2. Thank you Vyjanthi, we both are look alike.


  4. Hello CED,

    It used to be available on catchup TV, but has since been removed. I will ask the production people and see if anything can be done. Thanks for your interest in the show! Will update ONCE there is news about this!