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Review: Spotless Skin @ SkinLab Medical Spa

It's time to share with my dearest readers some great finds for the past 2 months. So much ho liao, not enough timeto gai siao~ Aiyoh how can like that????


Yah cannot lor~ So I must still try la~ First on my list, Imma share with you how I reduce my freckles~~~

Yup I shared with you i-One treatment by Allure previously, and most of my freckles have been removed or lightened.

 From this:

 To this:

The other side of my face? This:

To this:

Now, unfortunately, especially for people with dry skin, or for people who get more sun exposure than they like (both referring to me la...the latter because of filming...I ride with more than adequate sun protection, but when it comes to filming, no one allows me to wear long sleeves and wear masks...), the freckles come back. It's a genetic thing, you know, these melanin activity which I shan't go deeper into in case you decide to close this browser....

And I have to say I have been really lucky to be invited by SkinLab Medical Spa to try out their I2PL service. For those of you who are worried that some beauty salons may not be safe enough, SkinLab Medical Spa is backed by doctors. Yup~ Every service prescribed for your skin is done by a skin doctor, so you can have peace of mind while getting your treatment done. Ulala~~~ No more fears of scams and beauty consultants 'hardselling' you services (because the law governing medicine and doctors is VERY strict about stuff like that~).

Okay, here goes my freckle-treatment journey...all over again~~~
Upon arrival at SkinLab Medical Spa, located in a ulu corner on level 4 of Wheelock Place (ulu is good, so you can enjoy greater privacy, in case you don't want people to see'll know why later...), the super professional-looking front desk greeted me...

The lights won't be so white la...when I went the lights were a calming blue...

A super cui-looking me. The thing about going for these treatments, is that you go there for consultation with a bare makeup-less face. So that the doctor can see your skin for what it is, and better prescribe something which can solve your skin woes. So for me, a ulu corner on level 4 of Wheelock Place is bagus. I wouldn't want to scare people on my way there lor....

Here's the suave-looking Dr Kelvin Chua...

Huh? Not good enough for you ah? Okok...a better picture...

Don't giggle hor! He's THE guy who's going to make me see a brighter least for my skin....

He recommended I2PL to take care of my freckles and pigmentation problem. 
I2PL is essentially IPL - Intense Pulsed Light, except that it's the 2nd-generation IPL. 2nd generation means? Improved already la! Why else would people come up with a 2nd generation right? Like you know....iPhone3 then iPhone4... yah you get the drift...

Using highly selective filter, I2PL effectively blocks out other lights except blue and red light, allowing greater effectiveness of just these 2 lights without increasing the chance of any burns. (I have seen a friend's mum get 2 black patches on her cheeks because her skin was burnt... -.-")

Apart from having slightly more obvious freckles the following days after (this is due to the freckles actually surfacing to the skin and they'll eventually drop off~), there is absolutely no downtime. You can just go have it done during lunch time and come back looking the same, except maybe more radiant. For those who don't know yet, IPL, or I2PL, is also known as Photorejuvenation.

Photorejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses IPL or other thermal or chemical methods to treat skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, sun damage, scars, stretch marks etc. The process induces controlled wounds on the skin, prompting it to heal itself by creating new cells. This process reverses the effects of photoaging to a certain extent by removing wrinkles.
Too technical? Yeah I know I just want to know what it CAN do for your skin right? The before and after pictures coming up in a short while...Pay-shiornz people~~~
Thanks to insufficient sleep due to me being a late-night person, morning shoots, filming (you know the lighting's always super harsh at shoots cos they want light on your face, right?), OUTDOOR in-the-sun filming (urgh I hate those...), and the occasional too-glaring sun exposure while riding (yes, even with adequate protection. I'll tell u more on that later~), my skin looked far from great...

Trust me.

The following pictures may spoil your perfect-skin image of me, so if you want to keep that pretty image in your head....close the browser, and read something else.  NOW!

I knew you'd be too kaypo to leave....


Silver Ang, perfect-skin fraud, exposed.....


Eh wait. I wasn't the one who said I have perfect skin what. You guys thought so. Okay la I do what I can to keep it looking great, but the occasional pimples and freckles really spoil my days...sometimes even months....

 Freckles....freckles....and a pimple right smack on the groove where my nose and face connects...kns....

 Freckles...lesser on my right side, but still...freckles nevertheless....

 This would be the room where I would get my treatment done.
A proper cleansing, followed by an extraction, was done. After that, the small facial hairs were removed where the I2PL was to be done. This is to reduce the chances of burning (your hair will be burnt, not your skin, and it's really yucky to smell the burning). A nice comfortable facial was performed followed by a calming cooling mask to soothe the skin. The therapist gave a really relaxing shoulder and neck massage too...and I couldn't really remember much of what else happened because I fell asleep right there on the bed....zzZzZZzzZzzzz~~~

 When I woke, it was done. No obvious changes, except that I looked more glowy, and my face felt so much cleaner and refreshed thanks to the facial. Freckles were slightly more obvious, but not to the extent of like, really bad. The area on my cheek felt a little tingly, tight, and tender, where the I2PL procedure was concentrated, because these areas were where my freckles were most concentrated. Other than that, there was no redness, not much pain. I still looked the same. I was told I could still apply makeup safely if I needed to conceal the spots while they darken.

 The right side of my face after treatment.

 And this is the left....

One day later....which is Day 2~  (sorry abt the lighting difference)

My nose is so dry it's flaking...goodness....

Day 3 god...I never looked this bad...I swear... This is without makeup la...after you apply makeup it's a lot better, but just that...omg...taking these pictures just to show you the effects ah....*shudders*

 See that the freckles are now reaching the surface of the skin?

 Even the not-so-obvious freckles have surfaced on the right side of my face....

I told you I never looked worse. Red eye. Dark eye circles. OBVIOUS freckles (temporary thank god)...
Some freckles on the nose have come off but somehow that didnt really make me feel

To illustrate what I mean when I say makeup can conceal the spots while they take their own sweet time to come off, here's me on Day 4, after a countdown event~

Concealed nicely? I think I did an excellent job. Lol~
No editing has been done for this picture. ;)
(You know I'm speaking the truth because the inside of my left lashes 翘翘 and there's traces of remnants of food on my teeth...LOL!!!!)

And this is Day 9...

 Let's compare okay? Before treatment, Day 1, Day 3, and Day 9 picture:

 Before treatment.

Day 1.

Day 3.

Day 9.
I am so pleased....

Now for the right side:

 Before treatment. Looks deceivingly like nothing. Until the deeply-embedded freckles are forced out...

 Day 1

 Day 3

Day 9.

Noticed how the spots are now lighter and fewer? (THAT particularly huge spot is no longer there!!!) And this is just the effect of 1 treatment.

 Imagine if I go for another one or 2? ALL the spots would be gone????!!!!!!! Wow~~~

My nose area?

 Day 3.

Day 9.
Notice the fine wrinkles on the nose bridge is now no longer apparent?

Of course if wrinkles are your main concern I'm sure Dr Chua will recommend Derma RF for you, which I heard works wonders in reducing fine lines and tightening skin, non-invasively. =) Ask the doc for more details~

Or visit 
for more of their services. They do hair/scalp treatments, skin, body slimming, bust treatments...and a whole lot more so if you're keen, just visit their site or call them for more information!

Now, after sharing the wonderful effects of I2PL, I'm sure those of you having the same problems as I do are super dying to try this...

And how could I forget to get a good bargain for you? 

This 90-minute treatment is called Deluxe Anti Pigmentation Solution, and comes complete with a full facial, mask, head and shoulder massage. It retails for a whopping S$380 per session. 

Not cheap hur? Especially for you students and young working adults out there... (Even for those who earn a decent amount of money, 能省则省嘛!!! 嫌钱多啊??)

Because I want to thank you guys for always being here, you get to enjoy the Deluxe Anti Pigmentation Solution (yes, the exact same thing I did) for just....


For first-time customers only. And to enjoy the offer, please quote "Silver Ang" when making your appointment. This offer is only valid until 31st January 2011. So HURRY and go book your appointment now!!!! Bring your mother, auntie, friends along also la!!! And oh~ Feel free to share this on the forums okay? Ho liao everybody share share ma~

Aiyoh I'm so nice~~~

Love me more?

SkinLab Medical Spa is located at:

501 Orchard Road
#04-04, Wheelock Place
Tel: 6235 3246



  1. Hi silver, may i ask where did u get ur bangle in the last pic? it's prettyyy! :)

  2. hi silver! did dr. chua tell you how many times do you need to go for the treatments before your freckles will totally disappear? i have loads more freckles than yours and im afraid the treatments will cost me a bomb =( $88 before GST right? thanks!!