Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Look for the New Year!!!

What better way to enjoy a fresh start than to give yourself a fresh new look?

Well I didn't cut my hair short, of course, but what I did, was on the contrary, to make it looooooooonger~~~

THANKS to Milly's!!!!!!!!!!

Getting my hair prepared for the extensions....Oh my god I'm going to have loooooong hair soon!!!!
For those who thinks my hair is long already, it needs to be longer for the Indian show that I'm currently know...the Indian ladies in those days don't cut their hair but just grew it very very very long....

Hair is parted from the inside so that the long hair can be integrated into the real hair without looking like, obviously 2 lengths.

Okay I love the necklace from Crystal Dollies so much that I'm wearing it with all my tubes and tube dresses these days. Bling enough, yet not too much. Thanks Kelly and Karen!!!

These are all the hair extension pieces hanging on the wall. In all colours man...
Oh, btw, if they don't have your colour, it's okay, Milly's has opened a salon outlet in Bugis Street level 2 (the new wing) so you can go there and cut/colour/rebond/perm your newly extended hair!!! What's more, it's cheaper if you decide to get the extension and the hair service done together. It's a good deal I would say~

And oh, before I forget, I should mention this - Milly's uses real human hair for extensions, so they can be permed/blow-dried/tonged just like your own hair. Synthetic hair cannot be heat-treated, just so you know. =)

I was really impressed with the staff at the Far East outlet. Usually I go to the Bugis outlet for my nails but I thought this time I'll go to Far East. The speed and efficacy of the girls were just amazing....

 Apparently she can do 100 strands in half an hour. Fast or what????
Yup this is what it looks like when your hair is being tied to the extension hair - with the black rubber hanging there...

 They wll cut off that extra portion la of course~~~

 I feel like Phyllis Quek in that Prominous ad...

 My hair is looking long already...woo~~~

The hands belong to this pretty Mum at the back. She refused to take picture so I pretend I'm camwhoring...
She's going into labour like, VERY soon so here's wishing her and her coming 2011 newborn well!!!!

Here's how I look now~

How??? Look more Indian not??? 
I think with that pottu on my head and a pretty saree, I can pass off as a Chindian leh...
Oh btw, pottu means bindi, in Tamil.

I like the fact that it has natural waves at the bottom so my original hair length and the extensions don't look obviously 2-lengthed.

Okay here's a non-Indian look:

So chio...even myself cannot stand it...

How about my nails?
 I trust Gina, so I always go back to Bugis to look for her...

 Manually drawing the first it looked with greenish-blue??? Then again, Gina has always been one to have her own I just watched on...


(psst...I think she's very pretty, plus she's got ideas, and is good at what she does~ My


 Somehow, with all the gold lines and how she puts them together, the look fits~ 
Gina oh Gina~~~你好厉害~~~

One thing about Gina's gel's never done too thick, but just thick enough so it doesn't break easily. The texture is almost always good.

Know who to look for? ;)
Okay la actually the girls there are all good, but she happens to be my favourite~ 

Milly's!!! Thanks for making me look oh-my-gawd SO chio!!!! much MORE chio!!!! 

Milly's is located at 

1. Far East Plaza
14 scotts road #03-129
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723

Bugis Village Extension,
Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Tel: 63384137
8383 5395

You can also sms 83835395 for enquiry and bookings!
Visit to know more about their wonderful services!

Go go, make that appointment and get pretty for 2011 now!!!!


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