Saturday, 15 January 2011

My New Acquisitions for 2011

I've been buying some really cool stuff this year (haven't bought any nonsense ugly nonsense yet...think I'll make it a point to ONLY buy thingd worthy of my money...), and I don't know why, just want to show you guys what I've gotten so far.

 First things first, I've become obsessed of late with candles...and have been lighting them every single day. I got these really pretty (and SILVER-ish) tealight holders from Tangs. They came in a set of 3. Can't remember the price, but they weren't that expensive, which was why I bought them. =)

There there's the 2011 Calendar that I hang just outside my bedroom door. I started doing that when I was flying, to update my family of where I'll be during when (so Mummy knows when to tell her daughter to help her buy LV or MiuMiu....)

I stopped flying, but I thought this adds some life to my super boring plain old gray door. Plus it lets them know when I'm filming, when I'm not. Easier to schedule family dinners with the Grandparents and all the aunts/uncles, instead of calling me to ask (half the time I cannot remember my own schedule because it't too darn erratic)~ =)

 Lurrrving it! Because it's Miss Fancy. And I think there's an inate Miss Fancy in all of us. EVERYTHING must be fancy...instead of well, boring...

I was lucky to end work early yesterday, and went to Raffles City to just walk around. I stayed only in the basement because I got tired after that and refused to shop further. I had wanted to buy a 2011 pocket calendar right (as seen on my sidebar - COVETS)? So I was practically searching the whole level for a suitable one.

I managed to get the calendar, and some interesting knick knacks, from NBC....
 Note: The things here aren't cheap. But they've made a ood job out of packaging, which ALWAYS helps to sell. Jolin and Show Luo wouldn't be so WOW without packaging, no?

 The calendar of choice which is going to go EVERYWHERE I go this year. I love the cover, and how its matt, chocolate-y (literally) and doesn't look too cute-sy (Mickey Mouse, Moomin Valley? thanks).

 Somehow, the inside scheme sorta matches my Door Calendar!!!!!! Fantastic~

 The side's already got dividers for each individual month so it's easy to flip to that month and add appointments or refer to the schedule. I would say this is a very thoughtful design. Convenient, to say the least.

 The bad thing about NBC is almost everything is Japanese. Esp the 2011 organizers/calendars. All their marked holidays are Jap holidays, a bit irrelevant to me, and I have to write down Singapore's own holidays. Plus, they come with Jap prices also la....(expensive lor)...this small notebook cost $19. =.=

 My most exciting buy - the Award-Winning Bling Hangit Unique Jewelry Storage. It was stated that this hanger won an award for its design. Certainly helpful in putting an end to the fight every morning before you head out. You know, all that untangling, especially on mornings that you are already running late ah, the tangles are the worst.....

$19.90 though. You can get it from, and it comes in white, black, and pink. Would have loved pink but it just doesn't sit well in my current room. =(

 Step by step to being neater. =)

 Next up is this bag-charm / bag holder. I bought it becaue it's white, pink and gold. I love these colours la~
And it's convenient because you can just hang it on ur bag as a deco, and just unhook and use it as a bag holder when you're seated at some kopitiam or something. No need to funble in your bag for that bag holder. 

Okay that's about it! Oh wait! Realized I had forgotten to take nice pictures of the dress I wore for Ro's wedding from Dress Sense? Here they are!

 Remember I told u about the halter embellishments? Yup this is the close-up! Damn chio right???

Long and flowy....makes any girl feel like a princess... Okay at least it made me la okay?

Life has been kind, because things are looking good for me. May I complete the remaining days of the Tiger year with a great smile. I'm attending Lillian Too's FengShui Extrvanganza this Sunday~ You know, just to be well-prepared for Rabbit Year. In case you don't know, I'm quite a FengShui person. =)


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