Tuesday, 4 January 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR (2011)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the new year, and it calls for a fresh start to all new beginnings, so here I am...

HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

I know this came SLIGHTLY late, but hey, better late than never right? Mai complain ah ni zuay la...ppl take time come blog so you got something to read still kao peh...kns leh u all...tsk~

Anyway~ *flicks hair*

So here I am, ready to make a new set of new year resolutions that I want to keep... (we say this every year hor...then 2 weeks into the new year somehow we all tend to forget what resolutions we made at all.....hur hur hur...)

I thought I made some last year, but after searching in my blog...I realized I didn't make any for 2010....

Okay...nvm... no wonder I lived 2010 with a 'walk one step see one step' mindset.... - that means 'take things as they come', for the clueless non-Singaporean Chinese who are reading...

Let's look at what I have achieved then, even with the 走一步看一步... (I really believe there is a higher force looking after me....)

1. Got contracted to Wawa Artistes Network as an artiste (duh, abuden as what, ah sum meh?)

2. Completed my contract. Yes guys, my 1 year contract has ended so it's time to go through it and decide again...

3. Acted in 9 shows...including playing a female lead in a Malay drama - U.M.M.I, and a telemovie - Love in a Cab.

4. Got recognised enough to be a finalist in Singapore Blog Awards 2010. Thank you guys for the nomination and the votes, and thank you Omy. =)

5. Built up my readership from 80 hits a day to about 2000 hits a day... (uniques from ~50 then to ~1300 now..) It's not sky high, but it's something to me... =) Thank you, all of you (including SBA2010 of course), for finding me an entertaining-enough writer to read... 我会继续做我自己~

6. I became recognised enough to join STomp as a Starblogger, albeit just for 6 months and Starblog has to cease operations.... (Eh it's not me who caused Starblog to have to cease hor!!!! It's not!!!!!!!!! *tears*)

7. My room got renovated... Okay that's the work of my Mum and aunt and the workers..but it was me who suggested the reno since Mum wanted to sell the place as it was....which was a nono since the aircons weren't working, the toilet doors were broken, the master bedroom toilet doesn't work....just to name a few defects....Renovation WOULD up the valuation, wouldn't it? Unless you think lack of storage space and mess everywhere would appeal to potential hoarder-buyers... Take a look at my room, before...


 It wasn't hard to imagine why I look forward to long flights so much, was it? (Chio) hotel stays.....
Thank god my room's renovated now...

8. I got a new camera, a superific Canon S95, courtesy of the great guys from Purple Sage.

9. I got a new laptop - Samsung R480, which has really good specs. Don't ask me why I didn't get a Mac in the end. I just didn't. Was contemplating on this or a Sony or an Alienware... Maybe one day I will get a Mac...I don't know...

10. I got a netbook, for when I'm doing my hair at Shunji, or in between waiting time at shoots, or you know...just to keep me occupied when I've quite a while to wait, instead of just playing lame games on the phone like Kamikaze Birds - Revenge on the Pigs...

11. I still haven't got an iPhone, in case you guys are wondering. Eh I lost my Samsung jet like 6 months ago already, and I still haven't bought a new phone (using an old one). It IS an achievement okay!!!
    I'm sure I achieved more than that...but I can't think of more at the moment...
    *index-fingers my right temple...* Er...yup.

    K next~

    Time for the 2011 Resolutions that I WILL keep. These, ladies and gentlemen, shall be what That Silver Girl is working towards... (Starblog readers, you may come across repeat reads here yah? Do bear with me while I share with my own readers~)

    1. Become 43kg. That is, to lose 10kg. And look more like this: 

      and lesser and lesser like this:

    Huh? Who is she? Dunno la...so many people say we look alike...where got..this one so fat..face so round...I so chio...

    Hur hur hur....

    Yucks...where was I?

    Oh okok...lose10kg right? And look less like this fat girl on top....yah....
    Meaning, maybe lose 13kg of fats, and gain 3kg of muscle. Muscles are heavier right? Okay okay..maybe 45kg? That'll still make me 10kg heavier than Jolin! *流汗*

    2. Bring Alton to have his health checked, and cataracts removed. This MUST be done this year.

    Can you see that the inside of his eyes, especially the right one, is blur? His lens is cloudy already, that's cataract for you, and needs to be removed for Alton to regain clear vision.

     His left eye is slightly better, but is showing signs of it as well..
    Any good doctor to recommend? I don't want the super overpriced ones hor. Expensive doesn't mean they're good.

    3. Have my business set up. And in full running operations.

    Though the Lillian Too hong zui book says I should not do any business venture this year, but HECK! Time is money! Why wait??? I am in control of my life too!!

    Hint: It's got a little bit to do with what I'm doing at the moment... ;)
    Stay tuned everyone. I'm so EXCITED!!!!

    4. Have at least 50k in my bank account
    That is, in net profit after the business stabilizes.
    That's 5 of these...how many of you have ever seen this note, or even HELD it?
     I am even tempted to pose with one of these pursed between my lips...since while $2 notes are aplenty and goes through so many hands daily, I'm sure not many people have ever handled a $10,000 note... so that makes it that much cleaner... 


    5. Blog at least once every 3 days.
    And it doesn't include advertorials. It has to have content, and not done just for the sake of having a post up there. This is a great feat to accomplish, considering how my schedule will look like, but I will not let my blog 生草 (grow weeds). Never.

    You know I really really want to update almost every day like I used to...being a full-time blogger and not acting/singing anymore...how? No?

     Full-time Blogging Artiste Ladyboss. 
    I shall conquer and emerge victorious. ;)
    And still look chio at the end of the day.

    6. Do at least 5 shows.

    Drama, movie, telemovie, variety... I hope to to start getting heavier roles...at least supporting la...not the cameo-appear-short-while-only kind that takes not more than a week to film... so 5 is a good number to start with? I'm doing a lead role character in 1 now...so that's 4 more to go. 子惠!你可以的!!!

    7. Finally learning and actually playing the guitar.

    I hope to be able to start performing with a guitar by 2011, so if you see me on stage anywhere doing it, you'll know I'd have put a check next to this goal. ;)

    8. Dance 2-3x a week despite my busy schedule.

    I will never again feel pain when I do splits or bend down to touch my toes. And I will NOT let my health dwindle ever again, and I will banish all cellulite from the back of my thighs. Watch me.

    Oh fack man I so wanna dance-perform again~

    9. Eat with a family member once a week.

    Either Mum or Sis la. I eat with Alton almost all the time. Mum works and has her own very busy work and social circle. Same goes for me. Sis is turning 16 and you can only guess how colourful her life is going to be from in the near future. Even being able to eat at home together will be great, considering the fact that my family doesn't have a I-cook-you-all-come-home-eat culture.

    10. I will be drinking 2 litres of water DAILY.

    Because I want to have great skin and look like a million bucks even when I'm famous and successful.

    This is a big goal okay. Guess how much water I drink a day right now. Guess la~
    Usually about 1 glass. Yah I think I'm blessed with good skin too. And you can guess how come I have constipation issues....

    11. Put everything back after I use them. 

    Another WAH LAN OEI DAMN CHALLENGING CAN??? resolution. I'm tired of living in a swine-sty. And from 2011, everything shall change. My room will be a haven I wanna come back and retreat daily to...
    Well it IS still messy because I haven't really figured out how to unpack things hastily packed into boxes for the renovation (I was given one day's notice...imagine that everything was thrown into whatever plastic bags/boxes I could find at home...)

    But I'm on my way to a neater, and chio-er room... =D 

    Want a sneak peek at what it looks like now?

    What greets me as I enter the door...

    Remember what it looks like before? Okay what I used to see as I walk 3 steps into the room was this...

    Standing at the EXACT same spot, what I see now:

     And this area?

    It now looks like...

    Woohoo~~~~ When I'm done packing and buying appropriate fittings for the room, I'll do a room makeover post. =D

    So happy that my room has a fresh start for a fresh year. New beginnings mean no baggages, untainted visions, and a girl that's full of drive.

    11 Brand New Resolutions for 2011. (It just happened so, I didn't purposely make 11!!!!)
    May you be a witness to each and every one of them coming true as I fulfill them~ =D

     May 2011 be a GREAT year for Silver Ang.

    HUAT AH!!!!!

    That Silver Girl

    p/s. Btw my right eye is recovering well. Still pinkish, but it's dissipating. =D

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